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Burning oil produces a green house gas, called carbon dioxide (co2), which causes acid rain, as well as obviously global warming.


Burning oil for energy can release large amounts of carbon dioxide, which can contribute to global warming. ... Use of high-sulfur fossil fuels such as coal and fuel oil can increase the prevalence of acid rain by adding sulfur compounds to the .... What are the risks of using oil as fuel think about global warming and acid rain?


Examples of these effects (secondary pollutants) are acid rain and smog ... U.S. emissions are only from fossil fuel-burning electric power plants. ... combustion of liquid and solid fuels (oil, coal, or wood), because molecular-scale mixing ..... this increase in CO2 concentration is the main cause of global warming is a matter of.


mines, and their Global Positioning Satel- ... nying safety risks that go along with its use. Many of ... Think of the Everglades in Florida or the Oke- fenokee ... the production of acid rain. ..... Burning coal contributes to acid rain. 6. .... Like oil and natural gas, coal is called a “fossil fuel” because it was formed from the remains of.


Jun 10, 2008 ... Acid rain can damage crops, forests, wildlife populations, and cause ... The environmental benefits of using natural gas over other sources of ... from the combustion of oil, and 99 percent lower than burning coal. .... now, Thinking of getting a hybrid vehicle feeling global warming conscious ... Treasure Hunt.


Aug 30, 2016 ... When the fuels are burned, they emit toxins and global warming emissions. Even the waste products are hazardous to public health and the ...


The researchers discovered that acid rain inhibits a swampland bacteria from producing ... such as oil and natural gas, are burned in power plants, energy ... using alternative methods of making electricity, we are conserving our ... to rise in response to 21st century climate change faster than sulfate suppression increases, ...


Sep 6, 2013 ... And then there's the glaring fact that oil, gas and coal receive ... And that's ignoring the extra costs that burning fossil fuels impose on the rest of ... (and then there's, you know, the whole climate change thing). ... air pollution causes acid rain, smog, respiratory illnesses, cancers and toxins in the environment.


Apr 4, 2011 ... Long-term effects of air pollution can last for years or for an entire lifetime. ... When acid rain falls to Earth, it damages plants by changing soil ... the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels (coal, gasoline, and natural gas). ... or limit greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming. ... to think to be caused by.


A major cause of global warming is the attitude of mankind to Nature. ... last 30 years caused by burning fossil fuels has been identified as the major reason for the change ... energy demand is currently supplied by the fossil fuels coal, oil or gas. .... in the air has also led to acid rain, where water falls through polluted air and ...