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ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting), was a pioneering computer development ... Bank of America's checking accounts were growing at a rate of 23,000 per ... The first production ERMA ...

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... in 1959 General Electric delivered the first 32 ERMA (Electronic Recording Method of Accounting) computing systems Offsite Link to the Bank of America. The system used MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reading. Offsite Link ) ERMA served as the BofA's accounting computer and check handling system until 1970.

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Jun 17, 2006 ... The Third Generation of computers starts approximately in this era. ... This language introduced the concept of "block instructions", ... Accounting) computing systems to the Bank of America in California ... This system made capture data from the checks possible and a check handling system was introduced ...



In 1950 the Bank of America asked SRI to assess the possibility of ... the labor- intensive banking tasks of handling checks and balancing accounts. ... Existing computers were used mostly for scientific calculations. ... ERMA Makes its Debut ... In 1959, General Electric delivered the first 32 ERMA computing systems to the  ...

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An introduction to check fraud and magnetic ink character recognition. ... It's just desks in a big surface occupied by bank tellers (with a vault in the .... Document handling pockets of ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine - Accounting) ..... The first computer ever built in the Silicon Valley was an OCR — well, MICR — machine ...

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tronic recording machlne - accounting) and to develop the MlCR (magnetic- ... Firs1 in a series about computer use at Bank of America. ... the solution lay in automating the check-handling system ... and Stanford University were severed. and the inst~tute adopted its ... Representatives from Bank of America first mct with.

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The Lossproof lighter was introduced in 1947 under the name"LOOP" Then ... Its purpose was to attract customers who wanted a "lossproof" lighter. ... In 1959, Zippo began using both the lid and the case to display various sports illustrations. .... for full-time use as the bank's accounting computer and check han...

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... of the check-clearing process when it introduced its first proof machine in 1934. ... it introduced a high-speed bank transit system designed for use by US Federal ... Of particular importance to banks was the IBM 1400 series, introduced in 1959, and ... In the 1960s, a system's hub was typically an IBM 1401 computer, which ...

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Know how to use the computer in the cycle of accounting. 6. ... A knowledge of its evolution from its earliest beginnings to the present day and the .... Another member of the first generation of computers was the Electronic .... and some software systems will cross-check it against the purchase order and the inventory module.

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In addition to handling check collections, many of the larger clearinghouses ... Gradual adoption of accounting machinery and computers also altered the nature of clearing. ... Washington, D.C.: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, 1959. ... In 1970 it inaugurated its first electronic payments system, called the ...

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Sep 14, 2014 ... Today in 1959, Bank of America received the first ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting) system. From Wikipedia: In 1950, Bank of America was the largest bank in California, and led the world in the use of checks. ... feasibility study for automating their bookkeeping and check handling

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Introduced by Bank of America in 1955, these innovations launched data ... Development Begins; The ERMA Computer; MICR; Final Hurdles; The Team ... bookkeeping machine that would streamline the check handling process. ... To build the new system, called an Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting ( ERMA), ...

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The E13B font, 1st used on this project, and on your checks today :-)) ... Bank of America had set up a chain of banks in California, and their first problem ... generally available for practical computer use, and SRI proposed a system using these ... By March, 1959, the machine(s) were processing 50,000 accounts/day and on ...