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Frog hearing and communication


Frogs and toads produce a rich variety of sounds, calls, and songs during their courtship and ... Sounds from frogs travel through the air, through water, and through the substrate. ... For example,...

Can frogs hear underwater? - Quora


Jun 11, 2014 ... Some frogs have evolved to be able to hear and create calls underwater. These frogs ...

What can frogs hear under water - Answers


They can hear everything, even a predator coming to get them and even other frogs.

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Oct 22, 2015 ... Do frogs breathe when they are hibernating? ... How do frogs hear? ... Frogs do not drink like we do; they absorb water directly through their ...

Can a Frog Croak Underwater? | Animals - mom.me


Water is essential to a frog's life cycle, and it can be helpful for communication. ... to help the sounds resonate and carry to where other frogs can hear the croak.

What Sensory Organs Are Found on a Frog's Head? | Animals ...


It is used to detect chemicals in the water. Because all of his olfactory organs are on the top of his head, the frog can sample air and water odors simultaneously ...

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Nov 26, 2009 ... I haven't heard mine do that in a long time. .... Then I watched the frogs at night while hoping to hear the sound again so I could identify it and it ...

What's Making This Strange Chirping Noise? A Frog That Can ...


Apr 16, 2014 ... A chorus of frog chirps erupts from a pond after winter. ... Hmmm… There wasn't much I could see, although I could hear a .... If the temperature is -2 or -3 C (27 F), the frog can survive because the water inside it remains in a ...

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The sound of a pond full of frogs can reach deafening levels, far out of proportion ... then back into the lungs, a frog can croak continuously, even under water. ... only a little above 4,000 Hz. But many mammals hear extremely high frequencies , ...

Frog and Toad Behavior and Life History - Sounds - California Herps


You can listen to the calls of many of the frogs and toads shown on this website, ... Typically, this species calls from the edge of the water at night, but this short ... We can't see him, but his calls sound about as loud as the first frog, but you hear  ...

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Learning How Frogs See and Hear from Frogs Are Green | Frogs ...


May 1, 2014 ... Wes Deyton, wildlife photographer and frog lover shares interesting facts with Frogs ... this eye lid helps the frog to see underwater as well as to hide from predators. ... Sources: April Holladay: Frogs Can Hear Without Ears.

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A. The eyes protrude from the head so a frog can see in several directions at the same time, ... During the time they stay submerged under water or buried in soil ( such as during ... A. Frogs hear using big round ears on the sides of their head.

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Mar 31, 2015 ... Frogs Make Sounds and Hear in Surprising Ways ... Every time I pass a pond or water filled ditch I'm amazed at the cacophony. One pond I like ...