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... article be merged into Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. ( Discuss) Proposed since December 2016. The Tulalip, Swinomish, Lummi Skagit , Nooksack, Quinault, Hoh, Quileute, and Duwamish, ... All tribes in the North- west hunted for food in the sea. They built great seagoing canoes. Some were more than ...


The people of the Northwest Coast were hunter-gatherers, so they relied on hunting, fishing, and gathering edible plants as their main sources of food.


Northwest Coast. Food ... Northwest Coast Indians also hunted larger sea animals. They ... They did not have sharp tools to chop down the trees or carve them.


Pacific Northwest Coastal Indians - Whales & Salmon Illustration ... so did the Northwest Pacific Indians depend upon their cedar canoes to help them catch ... The Makah and other Indians hunted and fished throughout the warm months. In the ...


Northwest Indians ... The coastal tribes were skillful in hunting porpoises, seals, and sea otters, ... They smoked or dried everything that they did not eat fresh.


For many generations, Northwest coast Native Americans have practiced skills of ... Stone had a wide variety of uses, often involving hunting or food preparation.


The Northwest region is along the Pacific Ocean coast. The soil is very rocky, so it does not make for good farming. Like the Northeast region, the Northwest ...


How did Native Americans get food for their families in the days before ... The Tlingit and Salish are two examples of Northwest Indian tribes who got most of their ...


The Northwest Coast American Indians lived in clans and had a native ... Deer, moose and elk are just a few of the many animals these Indians hunted on land.