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The term Protista was first used by Ernst Haeckel in 1866. ... Other protists can be amoebas, which move by extending pseudopods and flowing into them, ...

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Protists form a large and varied group of organisms, which fall into three distinct groups based on what they eat. Photosynthetic protists produce energy from ...

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Protists. Protists are organisms that are part of the biological kingdom called the protista. ... One way protists can be divided up is according to how they move.

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Amoebas eat algae, bacteria, plant cells, and microscopic protozoa and ... break the paramecium down into chemicals that the amoeba can diffuse back into its ...

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Mar 3, 2014 ... Protists (probably colpoda ) eating bacteria- source was grass clippings in a small aquarium in class room.



Cilia are important, because they are how Paramecium move. By beating the cilia back and forth, the Paramecium can move through the water. Protists with cilia ...

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The protists that are like animals feed on other protozoa, amoebas, and algae.

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These protists can have one or more flagella that help them move. Many of these protists live in the bodies of other organisms. Sometimes, they help their host, ...

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singlecelled type can't be seen without a microscope. -Singlecelled ... -Other types of plantlike protists are diatoms, ... they eat small protist or consume nutrients.

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What do protozoaeat”? Do they move in search for food? Protozoa are heterotrophic organisms, meaning that they do not make their own food and therefore ...

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The cells of protists need to perform all of the functions that other cells do, such as grow and reproduce, maintain homeostasis, and obtain energy. They also ...

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Protozoa are the oldest known group of heterotrophic life that consume and transform complex food ... Amoebas can reach a maximum size of 2 mm in diameter.

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Protists can be very small or up to 100 meters longs. ... These protists have the ability to move themselves and are often further subdivided into groups based on  ...