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A woodlouse (plural woodlice) is an isopod crustacean with a rigid, segmented, long ... such as pill bug or roly-poly. Most woodlice, however, cannot do this.

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May 19, 2010 ... Re: What do woodlice eat. British woodlice herbivores (plant-eaters) and generally eat dead or decaying vegetation. We have one species that ...

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I do hoover once a week and I don't leave lumps of cake strewn around ... Woodlice eat mostly decaying plant matter, but they can survive on ...

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Nov 13, 2008 ... The woodlouse is not an insect but a crustacean, that has 14 parts to its body, which gives ... The woodlouse rarely eats live plants and feeds on the decaying leaf and plant ... "Useful but why do they die when shown to heat".

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Woodlice may look like insects, but in fact they're crustaceans and are related to ... Woodlice eat rotting plants, fungi and their own faeces, but they don't pee!

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Aug 9, 2016 ... Although woodlice do not harm human beings themselves, a heavy ... of pill-bugs has been helped by their ability to eat a wide and varied diet.

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Oct 4, 2012 ... What do woodlice eat? Diet is mainly trees and plant detritus. Like other woodlice , Trichoniscus pusillus eats decaying logs, plants, grasses, ...

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Find a suitable jar or tall plastic container for your woodlouse, and make sure there ... You need to do this because they will attack/eat the babies,and what would ...

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May 31, 2013 ... i managed to find both a male and a female and they are both fully matured :D.

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Apr 28, 2007 ... Can you suggest what we should do to try to eliminate the problem? David Snell ... At some point, you would be eating into capital. The security ...