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G.I. (military)


The term G.I. has been used for a long time as an initialism of "Government Issue" ... "G.I. Joe" became the general nickname for all American soldiers, no matter ...

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"GI!!!" "What does GI in GI Joe mean? Government Issue or General Infantry?" ... pronounciation of 'give', Tends to be the deeply accented that use this term.

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Aug 8, 2008 ... I would like to know what the term GI means when referring to a USA soldier. ... The abbreviation of G.I. Stands for Government Issue, or, General Issue, and is derived from the old ... G.I. Joe means "Government Issue Joe".

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Simple as that really. What does GI mean, at a guess I'd say something Infantry. I' ve searched Google but couldn't get any real answers.

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also GI, 1936 as an adjective meaning "U.S. Army equipment," American English, ... galvanized iron, especially in G.I. can, a type of metal trash can; the term was picked up by U.S. ... but none backs the widespread notion that it stands for * General Infantry. GI Joe "any U.S. soldier" attested from 1942 (date in OED...

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What G.I. Stands ForGI is short for Government Issue.However ... I know that the term "GI" was first used by the US Government in 1935, and did indeed stand for " Government Issue". But, I also .... What does the GI in GI Joe doll mean? GI is a ...

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The G.I. in GI Joe stands for Ground Infantry. ... Issue" but the origin of the term is in fact galvanized iron after the letters "GI" that used ... What does GIS stand for?

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What does the GI in GI Joe doll mean? GI is a .... The term GI stands for Government Issued or I have also heard it stands for Government infantry. The Joe is a ...

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10 definitions of GI. Definition of GI in Military and Government. What does GI stand for? ... GI · Government Issue (as in GI Joe) · GI · Geospatial Intelligence ... Note: We have 35 other definitions for GI in our Acronym Attic. new search · suggest ...

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May 10, 2003 ... Most people nowadays know that a G.I. is an American soldier and that the term is popularly associated with the Second World War, but few ...

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Find out what is the full meaning of G.I. JOE on Abbreviations.com! ... The term G.I. stands, in popular usage, for Government Issued and after the First World War ...

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Acronym, Definition. GI JOE, Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity (also known as G.I. Joe). GI JOE, Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity (GI Joe movie) ...

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Mar 23, 2014 ... Leatherneck,” “grunt,” “doughboy” and “GI Joe” are words that Americans call ... It could mean things given to soldiers when they joined the military such as ... I believe the term G.I. was a term for General Infantry - another way of saying foot soldiers. .... Coffee Before Bed Does More Than Keep You Awake.

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Feb 2, 2009 ... Also during that war, G.I. started to be interpreted to mean government ... The term G.I. Joe first appears in the mid-1930s as a term for a generic ...