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In a reciprocating piston engine, the connecting rod or conrod connects the piston to the crank .... Failure of a connecting rod, usually called throwing a rod, is one of the most common causes of catastrophic engine failure in cars, frequently ... This also means the opposing cylinders are not exactly in line with each other.


A friend of mine told me that he had ruined his car engine while driving very fast on a country road He claims he blew a rod and the motor was worthless after ...

May 11, 2015 ... What Happens When Your Engine Throws A Rod ... too see what would happen in the hopes it would throw the rod...or just blow up, and it did!
Apr 24, 2007 ... my engine threw a rod *UPDATE* Alright because of a number of ... I hate when that happens, my Android 5.0 Nextbook tablet does that a lot ...
Nov 25, 2015 ... Number 3 cylinder connecting rod bolt broke causing number 6 cylinder connecting rod to break. ... meaning that the rod cap that was on this engine was from another Ford ... So what do y'all do to get such frequent failures?


If a vehicle throws a rod during use, slowly bring it to a halt as quickly as is safely possible by signaling, slowly braking ... How do you replace motor mounts?


What causes a rod knock, how bad is a knocking rod, and how can I tell if a rod ... As you can probably tell from my write-up, it means the engine is no ... leak and the idle will be poor and you might throw a check engine code.


Aug 10, 2012 ... My husband said the engine had probably blown up and that would be ... If the rod is broken, the crank keeps turning and can push the broken ...


The timing belt keeps engine components moving at just the right intervals to keep the system running, but do you know all the spectacular ways it can fail?


Back in the day, 'throwing a rod' in an automobile engine was far more ... Throwing a piston rod doesn't happen often, but it means major expense when. Back in ...