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Personification is a figure of speech that gives human qualities to objects, ... their breath), in order to bring to life the effects of the sunlight on her surroundings.


The literary tool of personification helps readers relate to non-human subjects by ascribing human qualities and traits to ideas, objects, animals and other items.


Aug 17, 2016 ... Personification is an imperative figure of speech and by applying this literary tool, the ideas, animals and objects get human qualities. In brief ...


Sep 30, 2016 ... We use personification as a means of giving a voice to things that do not have one, but need one. Things that can tell us an interesting tale if ...


Writers use personification to help to establish mood and to build imagery in a piece of writing. What personification does best is that it connects a reader with the ...


Personification can have many effects on writing. Here's an example...The water flowed. Now...The water gurgled and roared.


Dec 27, 2009 ... Get an answer for 'What effect does Frost's use of personification have on our interpretation of this piece? Explain your response with direct ...


Learn about Personification and view examples that help you understand how to use this ... the author will have successfully employed personification to make a deeper and more ... it seems that it fits fairly naturally and will create a strong impact in the mind of your reader. ... So what does personification actually look like?


Jun 12, 2015 ... Get an answer for 'How does personification affect this poem, and ... In Ted Hughes's poem "Pike," personification serves to equate the fish with ...