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Well, it all starts with buying your first complete skateboard and – more importantly .... Wheel durometer, or hardness, is generally rated on a scale called  ...

Understanding skate wheel hardness - YouTube


May 17, 2012 ... Choosing the correct wheel hardness can make a big difference to your skating. I explain the science behind the way that urethane skateboard ...

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Skate wheels have come a long ... modern urethane wheels will ...

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Longboard wheels are made of polyurethane and will range in hardness. ... In terms of performance, the durometer has to do with how the wheel ... on the 'a' scale rating (some skate wheels like 'Bones' will have 'b' ...



Shore Durometer B Scale is perfect for skate wheels because: It is very ... Thus, Shore D Scale should not be used for wheels in the useful skate wheel range.

Understanding Skateboard Wheels - Windward Boardshop


Skate wheels has have turned into a bit of a science these days, so we are here to ... Hardness rating's on skateboard crusier wheels will range around 80a-90a.

RollerGirl Rollerskates - The roller derby wheel guide


You must match the hardness of the wheels to the level of grip of your floor. ... 70mm (outdoor): Pretty much as tall as a roller skate wheel can be without biting the ... More Grip: Heavy weight skaters will get more grip from their wheels than ...

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When buying a new skateboard, you basically have two options - you can buy a complete skateboard (that's one that is already assembled for you), or you can ...

Buying Guide for Inline Skate Wheels - Inline Skates


Inline Skate Wheel Durometer. In addition to wheel size, wheel Durometer is another important aspect in wheel selection.

All You Need to Know About Longboard Wheels | Longboarding ...


Feb 4, 2011 ... I don't want to get too specific talking about individual wheels; rather, I'd like to ... The characteristics I am choosing are lip shape, durometer, size, core ... The shape of the lip mostly affects how easily the wheel will let go and ...

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Your skateboard's wheels will impact your ride in several ways, including your ... Therefore, the durometer measurement you'll find on your wheels will read ...

Skateboard Wheels Buying Guide | Warehouse Skateboards


Our buying guide for skateboard wheels has all the info you need to buy the ... Diameter is the size of the wheel, and durometer is the hardness of the wheel.

Part 3: Cruising Wheels Buyer's Guide - MuirSkate.com


Longboard Buying Guide: Cruising & Carving ... The size of the wheel (aka diameter) and the wheel's hardness (aka durometer) are the two main factors in ...

Wheel Secrets: Picking the proper hardness (durometer) for ...


Apr 11, 2011 ... We've all seen the durometer ratings on longboard wheels. ... This Wheel will get you cruising, absorbing bumps and cracks with ease and ...

Maya Skateboards: How to Choose the Right Skateboard Wheels


Shopping for a set of wheels can be a frustrating experience for beginners and ... The hard-plastic form of polyurethane used in skateboard wheels is called a polyurethane elastomer. ... Once you have determined where you will be skating most often, you can ... Advantages of medium-hardness wheels (ex: 95A, 97A, 99A):.