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A timeline of United States inventions (1890–1945) encompasses the ingenuity and innovative ..... In 1901, Herman Hollerith invented and patented the mechanical key punch that was operated by ..... A supermarket is a self-service store offering a wide variety of food and household merchandise, organized into departments.


Before 1596: Modern flushing toilet invented by John ... 1901: First powered vacuum cleaner invented by Hubert Cecil ...


The technologies that created the 20th century's laborsaving household devices owe a huge debt to ... 1901, Engine-powered vacuum cleaner ... Unsuccessful with his heavy, clumsy invention, Spangler sells the rights the following year to a  ...


Speaking of lack of appliances, people back in the days began to invent appliances because of ... one should understand the history of the different household amenities and appliances: ... 1901: Electric Vacuum Cleaner by Hubert Cecil Booth.


The story of how household electric appliances were invented. ... Eventually in the late 19th century men invented all kinds of electric appliances. ... Who invented radio is disputed but by 1901 Marconi was sending signals across the Atlantic.


Early Twentieth Century Inventors and Inventions: the early 1900's. ... Primitive assembly line production was first used in 1901 by Ransome Eli Olds ..... line to include spices, medicines, more toilet preparations, and other household items.


Oct 18, 2012 ... The Decades That Invented the Future, Part 1: 1900-1910 ... Toast, or more precisely the electric toaster, was the first appliance to take electricity .... In 1901, the first gasoline-powered Mercedes rolled off the line, complete with ... the global outlook that would eventually make it a worldwide household name.


1801, 1803 Refrigerator using ice invented by Thomas Moore, Baltimore, MD. .... 1901 Successful engine-powered suction vacuum cleaning device invented by ...


Jul 6, 2000 ... In 1901 a London-based engineer named Hubert Booth saw a new ..... Poplawski , a drugstore owner, used his invented appliance to make ...


1995: DVD (digital video disk). For information on the origins of the Internet, see the Internet Timeline. ... Making Life Easier: Household Heroes ... 1834: The first refrigerator is invented. 1836: Gas ... 1901: Electric washing machine is invented.