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One example of cell specialization is the role of the white blood cell in immune function. Cell specialization occurs when a cell contains certain organelles or ...

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An adult human is composed of approximately 100 trillion cells and has over 200 different types of specialized cells. Examples of Specialized Cells. Sperm Cell.

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Your body, about which you seem to be questioning, has over 20,000 different types of cells ... What are some examples? Does cell membrane cover the whole cell? Mahmoud Emad, A-Leveler in Biology. Written Sep 1, 2015. Cell specialization is when a ...

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Every cell is specialised to perform its function as best as possible. There are many differences between ... Examples of Cell Specialisation and Organisation ...

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Sep 17, 2014 ... Give 2 examples of each type. State 4 differences between the 2 main types of cells. What is meant by the term cell specialization. 23.

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Jan 21, 2010 ... Plant cells specialize in different ways also. The best example is the guard cell which regulates the exchange of oxygen, water vapor, and ...

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Now we will examine some cell types of a plant stem. ... This is an example of extreme cell specialization; the only function of the muscle fiber is to contract.

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Sep 17, 2009 ... noun. The cell performing a specific function for a larger organ or tissue. ... cell specialization is an adaptation to do a particular job in a cell.

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Since different cells perform different functions a nerve cell, for example, cannot have the same structure as a white blood cell. This specialization is the same for  ...

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If there was no cellular specialization, every cell in your body would be the same ... For example, a nerve cell can send a message to a muscle cell or to another ...