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Lake Erie is the fourth largest lake (by surface area) of the five Great Lakes in North America, ... Situated below Lake Huron, Erie's primary inlet is the Detroit River. ..... River area were i...

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Clean rivers and lakes are important for all of us. ... impact on the environment as long as they are being good stewards of the waterway in ... Do not "top off" or overflow your fuel tank. ... It increases harm to the environment, and it is illegal. .... 35 year old "non-green" boat into an efficient, more environme...

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through ballast water released into the Great Lakes in the late-1980s. Quagga mussels ... Threaten the state's water treatment plants, hydroelectric plants, and reservoirs. ... Remember, you do not want to transport any Quagga/Zebra mussels from an infested ... Failure to clean your vessel can result in it being quarantined.

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Ensuring the best possible siting for marinas, as well as the best available ... Pollution prevention does not simply recast existing methods. .... If an impervious surface is not available on which to clean, tarps should be placed under the vessels to .... responsibility and it ensures wastes will not be dumped into the river or lake.

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on your vessel or trailer. ... Boats leaving the water require not inspection and cleaning. ... Havasu, and the Colorado River Drainage below these lakes. .... Contact with water at this temperature will kill quagga and zebra mussel juveniles .... harm. In fact, KCL solution was used in Virginia to completely kill all zebra mussels ...

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Clean Marine Program has received many environmental .... *Gasoline will sell at your gas dock ... It is common knowledge that lakes and rivers in many .... If a Clean Marine Practices Handbook is good for .... All vessels with inboard fuel tanks should have bilge ... cleaning products required will not end up in the lake.

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Check and clean your engine well away from shorelines. ... Weeds, grasses and other plant life are not good for your vessel. ... local ecosystem is to stay in the marked channels and the deeper areas of a lake or river when possible. ... noises and any unnecessary expenditure of energy can harm a feeding or resting bird.

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The moment your boat is damaged, you feel the repercussions not only in your leisure time but also in your wallet. You also know firsthand the damage carelessness can inflict on rivers, lakes and the ocean ... areas: oil and fuel, sewage pollution, vessel mainte- .... these risks not only helps preserve clean water and protect.

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Apr 14, 2014 ... I do not. I don't mean to sound harsh — lots of people mistakenly think that ... plain old water and elbow grease should be enough to clean your boats. This task will be easiest if you rinse your vessels with freshwater ... that channels wastewater to a treatment plant, not your lake (available at some marinas).

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shoreline, 7,000 lakes covering 3 million acres and 51,000 miles of rivers, streams and creeks. Each day thousands ... Keeping Florida's waters clean not only makes good ... Discharging vessel sewage directly overboard is illegal within 3 miles of shore of .... Your boat will stay cleaner and have less environmental impact.

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Topic 2: Vessel Safety Equipment .... While the effect of a single boat on Canadian rivers, lakes, and coastal waters may seem insignificant, multiply ... If your pleasure craft is equipped with an installed toilet, do not discharge your sewage into the water. ... Even biodegradable cleaners may harm aquatic plants and animals.

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Nationally, the water-quality of the lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, coastal .... Most recreational boaters do not spend enough time in contact with the water to be ... clean boating/good environmental stewardship, and some advocacy on your part. .... Some vessels do not contain a marine sanitation device (boat toilet), and, .....

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May 14, 2014 ... This does not apply to you if your boat was built before January 1, 1960, or if you ... water skiers, divers as well as other vessels in time to avoid them. ... This is very important if you operate your boat on a lake or river and then ... Rinsing or cleaning your hull after use or before entering new waters helps to ...