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In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify ...

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A measurement of length in one direction. Examples: width, depth and height are dimensions. A line has one dimension, a square has two dimensions,

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Dimensions. On the most basic level, this term refers to the measurements describing the size of an object. For example, length and width are the dimensions of ...

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Length, when referring to measurement in one dimension (as in the length of a line segment or a or a piece of string), has a specialized meaning. So does height ...

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Feb 9, 2009 ... Unfortunately for those of you who would like to follow in Lisbeth's footsteps and penetrate the "dimensions of mathematics" for yourselves, ...

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Dd. dimension. • the measurable size of something. • often refers to length, width and height. 1D ... one dimension ... length. 2D ... two dimensions ... length and ...



Two hours of visual math. Deux heures de maths visuelles.Twee uur visuele wiskunde.

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dimension. dimension, in mathematics, number of parameters or coordinates required locally to describe points in a mathematical object (usually geometric in  ...

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Jan 12, 2011 ... Strange spheres really are the keys to higher dimensional worlds, and our .... Perhaps after all, the fourth dimension is the right mathematical ...

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Can you help me understand the fourth dimension?

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Math definition for dimension. Our Math Glossary provides more than simple definitions: A link to a related lesson is provided for each term in our database.

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Dimension. EXPLORE THIS TOPIC IN the MathWorld Classroom. The dimension of an object is a topological measure of the size of its covering properties.

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Dimensions are used to describe the size and shape of an object.....complete ... Video Examples: SPM - Maths Form 4 - Line and Plane in 3 Dimension (Fully ...