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Above and to the side (superolaterally), the paired nasal bones connect to the lacrimal bones, and below and to the side ...


The nasal bones are two small oblong bones, varying in size and form in different individuals; .... Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the ...


They're divided by the nasal septum (dividing wall of cartilage and bone), and the parts that surround the nostrils are called the alae (ala singular). The nose has a bony part ... The inferior nasal meatus is found below the inferior nasal concha.


Nov 2, 2015 ... All three are examples of a unique structure called the “muscular hydrostat,” a bundle of muscles that work without the assistance of bones. .... No, that little indent under your nose isn't there to make it difficult to apply lipstick in ...


Jun 11, 2013 ... The primary bones of the face are the mandible, maxilla, frontal bone, nasal bones, and zygoma. ... The image below provides an overview of the anterior features of the skull. ... Extending obliquely in a posterosuperior direction from the midline is a ridge of bone called the mylohyoid line, which serves as ...


The nasal cartilages provide structure and support to the nose. They are ... Lateral nasal cartilage is a triangular structure, located below the nasal bone.


bone structure. noun. the shape of your face as it is formed by the bones underneath ... for smelling and breathing. The two holes in your nose are called nostrils ...


May 17, 2017 ... Bones become stronger under stress, and weaker when they are not stressed. ... They are held together by strong fibrous tissue called ligaments. ... Inferior: lower than something else e.g. the mouth is inferior to the nose.


Parts of four different bones make up the bony septum: the perpendicular plate ... This capacity of the inferior turbinate comes from soft tissue below the lining. ... the nose also contains structures that are rich in blood vessels and glands called  ...