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Digital8 (or D8) is a consumer digital recording videocassette for camcorders based on the 8 mm video format developed by Sony, and introduced in 1999. The Digital8 format is a combination of the ol...

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I have received a lot of questions regarding the differences between MiniDV and Digital8 ... Uses the same body design and size as a HI8/8mm camcorder. 3.

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Aug 10, 2011 ... How to identify 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV and Betamax tapes ... Similar looking tapes can hold different types of footage and will ...

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Pros and cons of the video tape formats Mini-DV and Digital8. ... consumer and semi-pro market. This page describes the differences between the two. ... D8 camcorders also allow you to play back tapes recorded in 8mm or Hi8 mode. MiniDV ...

Will super-8 play in hi-8 camcorder??? | Videomaker.com


Nov 29, 2008 ... I've been asked to edit video shot on a Super-8 camcorder (haven't gotten the tape yet) and all I have are mini-dv camcorders and a hi-8 ...

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Looking to buy a digital camcorder: what really are the differences between the formats of Mini DV, Digital 8, Hi 8? Leaning towards Digital 8 ...

Tape project, what to use? (VHS/VHS-C/MiniDV/Hi8/Digital8 ...


planning on working with VHS/VHS-c/Minidv/HI8/Digital8. .... While on the topic there is no difference between the 100 and the 110 I'm aware of ...

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The main difference between the available analog formats is what kind of video tape ... Photo courtesy Sony Sony Hi-8 Handycam; Hi-8: Hi-8 camcorders are very ... that works the same basic way as MiniDV but records on much smaller tapes.

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These camcorders can record analog 8mm and Hi8 tapes using the regular AV ... Mini DV HD is a new generation of camcorder that shoots HD (High Definition), ...

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C quoi la reele difference entre le Hi8 de chez sony et le miniDV de chez tous les autres ???? [...]

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Hi8 and MiniDV - different formats I've read up and know the difference I've been researching camcorders for sale on eBay MANY Hi8 ...

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Difference Between Hi8 & MiniDV. There are a wide array of video formats to choose from, especially if you have not upgraded your camera to a digital model  ...

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Jan 20, 2003 ... What is the difference between 8mm and Hi8 camcorders? ... The newest format are the minidv's which boast about 500-520 lines of resolution.