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Learn about cosmetology careers including hairdresser, skin care specialist and nail ... To become a cosmetologist you will need to attend a state-licensed barber or ... approximately nine months and may result in earning an associate degree. ... Get the Facts About Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists · What Does a  .....

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The cosmetologist profession will be growing at a rate of 20% through 2020, and with ... check with the cosmetology boards of different states to see what you need to do. ... hours of education required and the facilities and equipment available. .... have to put in the hours to learn how to work with different hair and skin types.

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... required to be licensed. As of 2014, this includes completing a cosmetology program approved by... ... What kind of education does a cosmetologist need? A:.

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We discuss the education requirements you need to meet, the age limits, the ... have an age requirement, it's possible that your state cosmetology board does.

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Types of Cosmetologists. Cosmetologists perform a variety of duties involving caring for people's hair, skin and nails. The type of education you need as a ...

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All States require barbers, cosmetologists, and other personal appearance workers to be licensed, with the exceptions of shampooers and makeup artists.

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Ever wonder what a cosmetologist does all day? ... The first step to becoming a professional cosmetologist is to get the education and get licensed. ... As one, you must learn to cut, color and style all types of hair, as well as do straightening, .... they know which clients are coming into the salon, and what services they'll nee...

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Whether you are pursuing your overall cosmetology license, or a more specific ... Some states require continuing education hours to renew your beauty license, ...

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Learn the education, training and licensing requirements to become a licensed ... as we continue to define what an esthetician is, does and will do in the future. .... you first need to make sure your state's board of cosmetology or esthetics even ...

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Learn about cosmetology careers, education and other beauty jobs! ... For instance, the kind of blush work a makeup artist performs will depend on the ... fair amount of contouring while someone with well-defined cheekbones will only need to ...

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Prospective cosmetology students usually need to have a high school ... Related Reading: What Kind of Training and Education Are Needed to Become a Cop?

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Glossary of Career Education Programs RSS feed subscription. Glossary of ... Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a cosmetologist. Get a quick view ... Manicurist: How Does One Become a Nail Technician? Find out ...

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Students who searched for cosmetologist found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. ... Cosmetologists need some formal education.

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Information about what degree and training and training qualifications are to ... able to install weaves and extensions and create braided styles on all hair types.

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Cosmetologists need good customer-service skills. ... Program Types ... Labor Statistics, but that figure does not factor in what a typical professional earns in tips .