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The Leni Lenape or Lenape or in older references, the Delaware people (or nation) are a ... Like most tribes, Lenape communities were weakened by newly introduced ... Lenni-Lenape (or Lenni-Lenapi) ...

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Jun 27, 2013 ... When we talk about the foods the early Lenape people ate we must remember ... Their meat was good to eat, and Indian women liked to make colorful ... Vegetables were eaten as soon as they were ripe, or some were also ...

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The Lenape were able to dry many vegetables, such as corn,... ... What food did the Pueblo Indians eat? ... What foods did the Hopi Indians traditionally eat? ... You May Also Like. Q: ... Indians · Lenape Indian Tribe · History Lenape Indian NJ · Lenni Lenape Indian Culture · Lenape Indians Weapons · ...

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Food, clothing, homes, weapons and culture of the Lenape people. ... Find answers to questions like where did the Lenape tribe live, what clothes did they .... and the type of food the Lenape would eat; Fast Facts and info about the Lenape ...

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Lenape History & Food ... The Lenni Lenape (Len-na Len-NAW-pay) people ( also called the Delaware ... Which Native American foods do you eat everyday? ... a one pot meal of pre-soaked corn (SAMP), vegetables and meat – like a crock pot ...

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Jan 12, 2012 ... The Lenape FoodBy, Juliet Nowak, Katie Mayer, PeterSourbis, ... Animals were hunted Birds and Vegetables Birds Vegetables• Were hunted and .... They would bring them home for their families to eat just like the Lenape did.

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Information about the Delaware or Lenni Lenape Indians of New Jersey for students and teachers. Covers Leni Lenape villages, clothing, food, shelter, culture, and the history of the Lenape tribe. ... Like most Native American tribes, the Delaware Indian tribes are .... What kinds of stories do the Lenni Lenapes tell ? There are ...

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The Lenape lived in settled villages but did not stay in one place for the whole of ... necklaces and hair ornaments from many natural objects like shell, bone, ... The Lenape had a great variety of food and believed that food was there to be shared. ... The water made the dried food swell up and became soft enough to eat.



Nov 22, 1981 ... EVERY fall beginning hundreds of years ago, the Lenape Indians would hold a ... had given them and a feast in which all shared many types of food. ... ''It was not our idea of an Indian village in the West or anything like that,'' ...

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Delaware Indians Clothing & Food ... What did Delaware Indians Eat? ... Delaware Indians(Lenni Lenape)prepared a variety of foods and believed in sharing the ...