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Owed to Nature: Medicines from Tropical Forests - Rainforest Trust


Jan 26, 2013 ... The benefits to humanity of nature-derived medicines are incalculable ..... of our carbon emissions come from one thing, burning the rainforests.

Medicines of the Rainforest Part 2 - Rainforest Education


Many of our original medicines were derived from plants - and many that we still ... In the Amazon, visitors have come to learn about plant medicines from Don ...

Medicines Derived from Rainforest Plants - Rainforests


DRUGS DERIVED FROM RAINFOREST PLANTS ... leukemia, Hogkin's disease. Cortisone. wild yams (Central America). active ingredient in birth control pills ...

Food and Medicine in the rainforest for kids - Oddizzi


Fun facts, information and pictures for kids about food and medicine in the ... Oddizzi Where the world comes to life ... This kind of farming, of one crop on an industrial scale, has radically reduced ... rainforest foods and medicines -rubber.

Aricles on Rainforest Medicinal Plants


Dec 21, 2012 ... Literally pages of these kinds of questions could be asked; and they are all important. ... We can not expect to see a plethora of rain-forest remedies come ... of rainforest medicinals by local shamans and herbal medicine men, ...

Tropical Rainforests - Nature's Medicine Cabinet


Tropical rainforest plants have produced thousands of lifesaving drugs, yet ... of rainforest may contain as many as 1,500 different types of flowering plants ... of all medicines found to have cancer-fighting properties come from rainforest plants.

Natural Resources from the Rainforest


Some favorite and familiar tropical rainforest area foods and products ... Diogenin -, Arthritis and Asthma treatments, steroids, birth control pills, sex hormones.

Many of the Amazon plants are medicine plants


Do you know where chocolate comes from? Or avocados? ... if we stop deforestation. PLANTS OF THE AMAZON RAINFOREST ... Curare is used in medicine as a muscle relaxant and in Parkinson's disease. Kapok Tree ... It produces kapok , a kind of silk resistant to water which is used for stuffing life jackets. This tree was ...

Tropical Forests in Our Daily Lives | Rainforest Alliance


Sep 16, 2010 ... Tropical forests encompass not only mist enshrouded rainforests but also ... Many of the Western medicines that we use today are derived from ...

products, medicines and perfumes from the rainforest


Spices that come from rainforest plants are vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and black ... Tea made from a kind of yam found in Mexico was used for birth control by ...

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What medicines come from the rainforest? | Reference.com


Some medicines that come from the rain forest include theophylline, vincristine and Mevacor. ... Mevacor is a type of lovastatin, Lescol is a type of fluvast.

Rainforest Medicine - Healing Medicines From The Amazon


The Rainforests host over half the world's species and indigenous peoples use ... be without diosgenin and cortisone, the active ingredients in birth control pills.

Amazon Rainforest Facts | Medicine Hunter


One hectare (2.47 acres) of rainforest can contain over 750 types of trees, and 1500 species of ... Currently, over 120 drugs come from plant-derived sources.