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Simple electronic musical instruments are sometimes called sound effects; the border ... Gray also built a simple loudspeaker device into later models, which ... which later had a profound effect on...

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1888 Invention of the gramophone, a device that recorded sound onto a ... 1906 The Victrola was introduced. ... It contains many examples of the types of music.

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Jul 6, 2005 ... 1906 - Victor introduced the first all-enclosed cabinet phonograph ... high due to the growth of live radio, but new kinds of minority music become popular. .... 1940 - David Sarnoff of RCA installed first secret recording devices ...

The Menace of Mechanical Music - MIT OpenCourseWare


8 (1906), pp. ... English sparrow, which, introduced and welcomed in all innocence, lost no .... because the automatic music devices are usurping their places.

Tunes and technology: How music tech mastered the science of sound


Jan 7, 2015 ... A timeline exploring music technology through the years. ... Thomas Edison invents the phonograph, the first device able to record and ... When it was was introduced to the public in August of 1906, the Victrola becomes the ...

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Nov 21, 2005 ... But as wonderful as these amazing devices were, they shared a common ... introduced, in 1906, what we think of today as radio: music, news, talk, ... Although best known for his 1906 Christmas Eve broadcast of music and ...

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The radio got its voice on Christmas Eve 1906. ... During this Golden Age, the radio evolved from a simple device in a bulky box to a complex piece .... Digital radios can be programmed for specific stations, types of music, news, etc. .... The period leading up to the introduction of television is considered radio's Golden Age.

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... Leon Scott invented the phonoautograph, the first device to record sound. ... The first audio radio broadcast came in 1906, and the first ever disc-jockey took his ... would become a revolutionizing moment for dance music lovers of all kinds.

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The piano players that we have in mind are devices which sit in front of normal ... the Pianola which outshone all the rest, as the first truly musical piano player. ... the same as the contemporary 58-note organ rolls, and both types of roll had ... W . Crooks from 1900, but not introduced commercially until the autumn of 1906.

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Radios have been one of the more important technological devices for more than a century. ... The first radio frequency used was the AM frequency in 1906 during World ... In addition to music, radio stations also played dramatic episodes of ...

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Although perhaps the first electrical music synthesizer, Cahill's innovation, generally ... has produced many wonders, they have been mainly of the workaday kind. ... At a keyboard of his device a performer--or there may be two-- lightly presses ...

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May 27, 2004 ... While experimenting with a new telegraph device, Thomas Edison ... retired with the Victor Talking Machine Company's 1906 introduction of the ...

History of Music Players - 1877-1928


In 1906 the Victrola model record player was introduced by RCA Victor. This record player had variable turntable speeds to accommodate the already wide ...

The First Broadcast - Christmas Eve -1906


He had succeeded in transmitting voice and music over the air. ... He had provided specifications and subsequently modified a device that was built to his design ...

John Philip Sousa, "The Menace of Mechanical Music," 1906


John Philip Sousa, "The Menace of Mechanical Music," 1906 ... novels, comes now the mechanical device to sing for us a song or play for us a piano, ... proportion of music in its soul, we may observe the English sparrow, which, introduced ...