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A thrusting weapon, the naval dirk was originally used as a boarding weapon and functional fighting .... A kind of dagger used in the Highlands of Scotland.

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The Scottish Dirk that most knife enthusiasts are familiar with these days is, ... This blade has a more natural feel to me than any other weapon I've ever held, like ...

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The dirk, as developed by the Scots, is one of these weapons. ... quoted by Wallace): "the weapons which they use are a longe basket hilt sworde, and long kind ...

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This is a corruption of brigantine which was a kind of armour used in the 15th & 16th ... The 1881 Ancient Scottish Weapons had this to say: The Highland Dirk is  ...

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The Dirk is a dagger, sometimes a cut-down sword blade with a dagger handle, used by the medieval Scots, and Irish. It was a Special Weapon of William ...

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For Nevada dirk and dagger laws, see ... or any other similar type knife, the ...

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Secondary weapon of a Scottish warrior, after the claymore. The dirk is a long dagger, only slightly too short to be called a short sword. Blade in the range of 14  ...

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When determining if a weapon is a dirk or a dagger, the Court in Bradvica v. ... It is legal to open carry any type of knife, but it is illegal to conceal carry a dirk, ...

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icon-firebonus_green.png, icon-lgtngbonus_green.png, icon-darkbonus_green. png. *B, *B, *B, *B. Weapon Type, Dagger. Attack Type, Slash / Thrust.

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The sole question involved is whether the weapon defendant was carrying, ... He was charged and convicted of carrying a concealed "dirk or dagger." ... as a matter of law, a folding knife of the type here involved is not a dirk or dagger.

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