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Ten products and ingredients that come from the Amazon. - WWF ...


Oct 23, 2013 ... The Amazon is much more than simply a rainforest. ... a positive impact by choosing products that contain one or more of the following labels:.

Natural Resources from the Rainforest


Tropical Rainforest Resources Additional Information ... Some favorite and familiar tropical rainforest area foods and products ...

Rain Forest Products


Learning about products that come from the rain forest. Grades 3- ... Students will identify products made from resources found in a tropical rain forest. • Students ...

Food and Medicine in the rainforest for kids - Oddizzi


Oddizzi Where the world comes to life ... Nuts such as Brazil, cashew and macadamia originated from the rainforests along with spices such ... This kind of farming, of one crop on an industrial scale, has radically reduced forests that are home ...

The Rainforest, Raw Materials, and You - PBS


Students will identify the rainforest products they have used and choose which 5 ... Explain that the Brazil nut is one of many products that come directly from the ...

RainForest Maker :: Facts :: Grow Back the Earth's Rainforests


Rain Forest Maker - RainforestMaker's Mission is to grow back the Earth's rainforests. ... There are two types of rainforest; temperate and tropical rainforests; The ... harvested rainforest products is necessary for preservation efforts to succeed.

products, medicines and perfumes from the rainforest


Spices that come from rainforest plants are vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and black ... Tea made from a kind of yam found in Mexico was used for birth control by ...

5 consumer products linked to illegal rainforest destruction ...


Sep 11, 2014 ... 5 consumer products linked to illegal rainforest destruction .... They are mostly poor because they live in poor countries, but even in the poorest countries there is a very small ... And your rebuttal is kind of nonsensical. I guess ...

Rainforest Facts - Wealth of the Rainforest


Dec 21, 2012 ... Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface; now they cover a mere ... One hectare (2.47 acres) may contain over 750 types of trees and 1500 .... comes from servicing the needs and markets for wood products in ...

Sustainable Rainforest Products


Be a responsible consumer and buy sustainable rainforest products. ... Find out where your purchases really come from. .... and importer of rain forest products in terms of the types of products and number of producer groups they support.

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Tropical Forests in Our Daily Lives | Rainforest Alliance


Tropical forests encompass not only mist enshrouded rainforests but also ... If we are not careful though, our appetites for these products could destroy the ...

What rainforest products could you not live without? - Sky Rainforest ...


Sep 27, 2012 ... Many home furniture items may have come from the rainforest – ranging from the wood used for household furniture to rubber based products ...

7 Products You Didn't Know Come from Trees | Stories | WWF


Forests give us so much—fresh air, clean water, wildlife and tranquil ... While almost everyone knows that wood and paper products come from trees, ... well- being—including continuing to responsibly produce products that come from trees.