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A civilization is any complex society characterized by urban development, social stratification, .... To oversimplify, in a village the potter makes a pot for the brewer and the brewer compensates t...

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Start studying 7 Characteristics of Civilization. Learn vocabulary ... When a society has enough food so it can survive, plus some extra to trade.. Religion.

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Of course, the laws can differ from civilization to civilization, but each society will have a government that makes and enforces the laws that dictate how people ...

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These are different orders of magnitude in human sociological (as opposed to political) organization: 1. An association or club is an organization involved with a  ...

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The meaning of the term civilization has changed several times during its history, ... It is commonly used to describe human societies "with a high level of cultural and .... and that universal explanations or general concepts do not always make ...

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Jan 21, 2011 ... Civilization is a complex way of life that came about as people began to develop urban settlements.

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1. some people make decisions for everyone else; 2. creation of an independent state, rules for government, society, succession; 3. creation of taxes to run the ...

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The causes of the growth and decline of civilizations, and their expansion to a potential world society, are complex. However, civilizations require not only ...

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Eight Features of Civilization. Cities: As farmers ... As civilizations became more complex, artisans and craftsmen ... and copied by societies. Often the art was ...

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Agrarian civilizations: large (over 60-100,000), complex societies ruled by kings ... Plows, irrigation, pottery for storage, and metallurgy helped make surplus food  ...

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Modern civilized societies focus on education, safety and a high quality of life. Where ... A: Racism is corrosive for a society because it teaches people to make ...

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Sep 25, 2013 ... Be sure to take notes on your What is a Civilization? ... There are 5 Key Elements that make a society advanced enough to be considered a ...

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Specialization of jobs. Everybody doesn't build houses and hunt for food and make clothing; some people produce food while others build and others weave, ...