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A total of six different phases of solid oxygen are known to exist: ... (at room temperature and high pressure begins transformation to ...

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The Element Oxygen - Basic Physical and Historical Information. ... Phase at Room Temperature: Gas. Element Classification: Non-metal. Period Number: 2 ...

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Oxygen exists in a gaseous state at room temperature. With a boiling point of ... A: The normal phase of silicon is a solid at room temperature. It has a melting ...

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At room temperature, oxygen is found in a gaseous state. The element is also typically found in a diatomic state, as O2. Oxygen is found as a gaseous state ...

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Element Oxygen (O), Group 16, Atomic Number 8, p-block, Mass 15.999. Sources , facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and images.

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Sep 28, 2014 ... Properties and uses of the element oxygen. ... Density: 0.001429 grams per cubic centimeter; Phase at Room Temperature: Gas; Melting Point: ...

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Elements appear in their natural phase at room temperature as gas, liquid, solid or synthetic. For a complete list of the different states of matter, visit Wikipedia's ...

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At room temperature and pressure the Physical States, or states of matter, are solids, ... we know as water 2 atoms of Hydrogen combines with 1 atom of oxygen (H2O). ... The phase or state of matter can change when the temperature changes, ...

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May 24, 2015 ... Therefore, if the temperature is room temperature, the oxygen is in a gaseous phase. Since the density is high, the pressure must be very high.

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Oct 12, 2015 ... Oxygen gas is clear, but liquid and solid forms of the element produce ... of 9 GPa ; ε-phase: dark-red to black — forms at room temperature at ...