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Aral Sea


The Aral Sea was an endorheic lake lying between Kazakhstan (Aktobe and Kyzylorda .... Unfortunately, saxaul wood did not turn out a very suitable fuel, and in the later ... Most of the sea's wa...

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May 23, 2008 ... The Aral Sea, on the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, is a ... As fish stocks have been reintroduced, the local economy is growing.

The Aral Sea Crisis


In the last 60+ years the Aral Sea has suffered irreparable damage from an ... all this water being diverted into canals at the expense of the Aral Sea supply, but the ... Even re-watering those lakes does not compensate for the increased salinity ...

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12) Why was the water supply to the Aral Sea diverted? 13) What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants? 14) Describe three environmental ...

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water diversions: the Salton Sea, Aral Sea, and the Colorado River. Materials ... What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants? 5. Describe ...

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5: What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants? The Aral Sea supplies resources such as fish, water, transportation, and recreation.

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5: What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants? 6: Describe 3 negative environmental effects of the fading of this sea. 7: Describe 3 economic ...

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The Aral Sea in the Soviet Union, formerly the world's fourth largest lake in area, ... Local water use is being improved and schemes to save parts of the sea have .... However, irrigation withdrawals before the 1960s did not measurably reduce .... has caused drinking water supply problems for communities around the sea.

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What government agency is responsible for the Aral Sea and its plight? The World ... What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants? The Aral ...

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What do the Salton Sea and the Aral Sea have in common? ... Because the Soviet Union needed grain but did not want to purchase it on the world market, ...

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The Aral Sea Crisis


Changes in population are important to understand the Aral Sea crisis for various ... Governments pressure local farmers to produce a certain level of crops by buying them ... of available fresh water resources suitable for domestic water supply. ... Not only did this eliminate much chance for fish in the sea to survive, it also left ...

What resources did the Aral Sea supply to the local inhabitants


The Aral Sea used to supply its local inhabitants with commercial fishing. Since the sea evaporated, you can literally sea the hulks of the former fishing vessels ...

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The Aral Sea was once the fourth biggest inland sea in the world. ... With abundant fish resources, and a busy shipping trade between its northern port ... Due to the lack of fresh drinking water supply, people in most of the settlements ... the region is the biggest constraint to any advancement of the local people's well being.