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Internet Resources, Graphic Organizer. Software, Presentation ... Students are often surprised to learn how many different products we get from trees. ... Do they recognize those products as coming from trees? 2. Ask the students if they know.

From the Forest: The Products We Get from Trees


Did you know more than 5,000 products we use every day are made from trees? Some wood products are easy to recognize — furniture, pencils, baseball bats ...

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What We Do · Plant Our ... Trees Can Do Just About Everything. Here are a ... Get the latest urban tree research, including in-depth articles, abstracts, and links to full research publications. Want to find out more? Download these resources:

Trees: A Treemendous Renewable Resource - Kids FACE


People and animals depend on trees and plants for oxygen. As you breathe in, ... Trees do just the opposite. ... We depend on forest products for things like the wood we burn for heat and the wood we use to make houses and furniture. We use ...

What Trees Provide - Smithsonian Gardens

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Consider what types of food humans, animals and insects get from trees. ... humans use trees? What parts of trees do we use? Are they a renewable resource?

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Do you like healthy trees in our Missouri towns? ... Get help developing a "Big Plan" that will let you get the most from your .... We also facilitate your participation in resource-management activities, and we provide opportunities for you to use, ...

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Trees keep our air supply clean, reduce noise pollution, improve water quality, help ... living organisms on the planet and one of the earth's greatest natural resources. .... under your care, we hope our relationship with SavATree does the same. .... "I didn't get a chance to tell you how wonderful the SavATree experience...

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Sustainability and Stewardship • We need to appreciate the value of trees and be responsible in our use ... Resources for more information on this strategy. ... Encourage them to take a look around the classroom for ideas to get them thinking.

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Get Updates: ... What We Do ... A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and can sequester one ... and Information Sources for Land Resources Protection, Trust for Public Land, Sacramento, CA, December, 1993.

How Do We Benefit From Our Forests? - Maine Tree Foundation

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Tree roots absorb soil nutrients and transport them upward to their trunk, branches, and leaves. ... Not only does the forest of Maine provide a wide variety of wood products; it also provides food, electricity and a lot of ... Resources/Web Sites:

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Wood You Believe We Get So Much From Trees?


But they wouldn't exist without wood and wood products. Trees are truly a miracle resource! Below are just a few of the thousands of products we get from trees.

What Do We Get From Trees


Fruits & Nuts. Fruit from trees such as apples and peaches, as well as nuts from trees such as pecans, are all favorite products grown on Georgia trees. Baseball  ...

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Trees provide a valuable resource for things we use daily, such as toothpaste and ... Not only do they create jobs, they also create consumer goods that fuel the  ...

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Here are 22 of the best reasons to plant and care for trees or defend a tree's ... By reducing the energy demand for cooling our houses, we reduce carbon ...

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After all, it looks like they stand around and do nothing. But, in ... We probably can 't think of anyone who lives in a tree, but many of us live in wooden ... Get individual students, or a group of students, to observe a tree closely for a period of time ...