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See media help. In audio signal processing and acoustics, echo is a reflection of sound that arrives at the listener with a delay after the direct sound. The delay is proportional to the distance of...

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Nov 9, 2005 ... An echo is the sound you hear when you make a noise and the sound ... can be created with echoes reflecting off certain types of surfaces.

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Absorbing echo is vital for acoustical effectiveness in large spaces. ... We can help you solve outdoor acoustical problems with our durable portable panels, ...

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Nov 3, 2013 ... Reverb is a sound that echoes, but the echoes that create ... echoes in. A square room provides many less reflective surfaces than a cathedral.

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Although a highly reverberant room can make a choir or organ sound great, it is ... Excessive room echo is caused primarily by two things - hard surfaces and high ... A ceiling made with acoustic tile is a big help, not only for reducing echo, but ...

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Jul 29, 2013 ... Positioning soft surface items on parallel surfaces will especially ... A flutter of echoes can make any space feel clinical, cold and uninviting. ... use rigid fiberglass matts, the kind they use to cover A/C ducts with. ... Need help?

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PhysicsWavesTypes of WavesLongitudinal WavesSound Reflection ... So, now we discuss the process of sound waves, its reflection, echo sound, and reason ... It is behaving as wave which produce by vibration in an object and travelled through ... For their reflection, the large extended surface is required; for example, the ...

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... imitation of sound. When sound waves hit a hard surface they might reflect, making the sound bounce and repeat. If you agree with someone, you might echo his or her statement. ... Types: re-echo. the echo of an echo ... make a certain noise or sound. 2 ... Help · Help Articles / FAQ · Training & Webinars · ...

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Reduce home echoes even further by softening hard wall surfaces with fabric wall ... in your home should include some type of sound absorbing material to help hamper the path of sound ... Make the bed with both sheets and a thick comforter.

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Skip to content; Accessibility Help · Sign in ... Hard, smooth surfaces are particularly good at reflecting sound. This is why empty rooms produce lots of echoes.