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Life in the olden days - Times-Standard


Oct 21, 2012 ... What was life like before electricity, indoor plumbing and natural gas? The Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka has turned back the clock to put ...

How did people live in the olden days? | Reference.com


The "olden days," generally thought of as a time earlier than one's grandparents or great-grandparents, were a time when a lower level of technology meant ...

The Olden Days - Scholastic


Nov 5, 1993 ... Life was very different in the "olden days. ... Ask your students if they would like these chores to be part of their regular routine! As your class ...

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Apr 12, 2008 ... Newest first. GoodGirl 12341 year ago. School topic is the olden days thanks for vid ... I hope she will be back Soon. From Alex. Read more.

Hey Internet Old Timers, What Was Life Like During the Web's Early ...


Oct 28, 2014 ... ... the internet was a vastly simpler thing. So tell us, you internet pioneers, what was life like during the wild west days of the early internet?

What was life like back in the good old days? (gallon, regular ...


There were a few black people, but they mostly lived in their own little world and acted just like white people did anyway. Hispanics in the ...

Was life really better in the good old days? | Katharine Whitehorn ...


Sep 27, 2013 ... checking on dinner in the days when some women were expected to produce three meals a day, every day. Photograph: Old Visuals/Alamy.

Why I Don't Believe In "Simple Living" - Living on a Dime


Nov 9, 2015 ... We often talk about going back to simpler times. ... There are many things that I would enjoy about living in the old days but I have found that I ... I'm thankful that the living nightmare of living with things like bed bugs, roaches, ...

Living Like Grandma: Ideas for a Simpler Life - Darling Magazine


Aug 29, 2012 ... If we could, many of us would travel back into those old photographs and ... of scarfing it all down like we all-too-often do with the rest of life. 3.

Back in the Olden Days - National Geographic Society


What about their grandparents and other relatives—what was life like when they were growing up? Write their ideas on the board. Development: Help students ...

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Way of Life in the Old Days


The Old Days had good points and bad points. What is ... In general life was slower paced and less hectic than now. ... Hit Back button to return to main page.

what's the name of those people who live like old days? | Yahoo ...


Jul 31, 2010 ... Hi, I'm looking for the name of those people who live their lives like old days and have no technology. Thank you!

Life in 1800s - The Morse Society


Life in the 1800s ... Before the Victorian era, children as young as 6 or 8 years old might work in a mill or ... Girls spent long days cooking, milking cows or goats, collecting eggs, churning ... to school, carrying a slate,a book or two and a lunch pail, no school buses back then! ... What was life really like in the early 1800's...