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A foot is a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. Since 1959 ... His units of length were based on the toise and in particular the toise de l'Écritoire, .....

2 Around the time of the Roman Empire the terms inch foot and yard ...


The term "Foot" came when someone measured a standard person's foot. Though it was said it .... Roman empire time what was the length of a foot based on or what was it called? Answer they didn't use the foot: it was the pace ( distance of a ...

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In all traditional measuring systems, short distance units are based on the ... The mile is a Roman unit, originally defined to be the length of 1000 paces of a Roman legion. ... For a long time no one felt any need to be precise about this, because ... length of the mile at 8 furlongs, which works out to 1760 yards or 5280 feet.

What evidence suggests that Roman society was more stable

www.jiskha.com/search/index.cgi?query=What evidence suggests that Roman society was more stable during the time of republic than it had been during the time of the empire?

Mark the statement if it describes Roman society during the time of Cincinnatus. ..... Around the time of the roman empire the tirms inch,foot,length foot based on

in a.d 100's the roman empire surrounded what sea?

www.jiskha.com/search/index.cgi?query=in a.d 100's the roman empire surrounded what sea?

Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, or the Roman Empire was ..... Around the time of the roman empire the tirms inch,foot,length foot based on

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Apr 8, 2012 ... In the early fourth century BC Rome received its greatest humiliation, as the Gauls ..... Augustus also reformed the length of time a soldier served, ... Together with non-combatants attached to the army, a legion would count around 6000 men. ... Whereas the soldiers moved on foot, they rode on horseback.

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Jul 6, 2010 ... If the mile originated with 5,000 Roman feet, how did we end up with a mile that is 5,280 feet? ... Remember that a furlong was considered to be the length of a ... Over time, the old Saxon inhabitants of England established that this area ... came in at around 11.6 inches—and similar Old English units based ...

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Historian Edward Gibbon estimated that the size of the Roman army "most probably ... During the time of expansion in the Republic and early Empire, Roman ... Rome - its military preparedness or readiness - was always primarily based upon .... each level from the foot upwards representing a decreasing concentration on ...

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This foot varies from the modern foot a significant amount, about 51/64" over a foot. ... The Egyptian Cubit Ruler and its half size Span ruler are based on various .... is based on the measure used in Ancient Rome roughly around the time of the  ...

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Mar 1, 2013 ... The dome is 108 feet [33 meters] in diameter and its crown rises some 180 ... eastern half of the Roman Empire and carried on after the fall of Rome. ... At the time Emperor Justinian I had been ruler of the empire for five years ...

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Ancient Rome was the greatest city of the ancient world. ... Landholdings were very small by modern standards, the majority no more than a few acres in size. ..... Leather sandals were worn on the feet. ... It changed considerably over the long period of Roman history, but for most of this time it was based around the legion.

Which customary unit can use to length of a semi-truck.


1/12 = 2/x customary length: 1 mile=1760 yards 1 mile=1285280 feet 1 yard=3 .... Around the time of the roman empire the tirms inch,foot,length foot based on

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Apr 30, 2013 ... It is thought that the Manipular legion, which was based around smaller units of ... Rome, Augustus reorganised the Roman army, increasing the length of ... By the 2nd century CE Rome was deploying armoured cavalry units, and ... By this time, whether or not you were a Roman citizen did not matter so ...