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The nickelodeon was the first type of indoor exhibition space dedicated to showing projected motion pictures. Usually set up in converted storefronts, these small, simple theaters charged five cents...

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On this day in History, First nickelodeon opens on Jun 19, 1905. ... and several movie “factories” (as the earliest production studios were called) were formed.

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The theater was the first to show films all day long and among the first films shown were Poor But Honest and The Baffled Burglar . The theater was a stunning ...

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Mar 28, 2016 ... The success of the Pittsburgh nickelodeon established in 1905 by Harry ... in history of the motion picture: Early growth of the film industry ... States were called nickelodeons, an ersatz Greek word for "nickel theaters" that was ...

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Jun 17, 2005 ... On June 19, 1905, the Nickelodeon opened in Pittsburgh, Penn. ... He bought a machine called a cinematograph from a Frenchman named Lumiere, ... These storefront theaters were, in fact, the most explosive development in ...

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The innovative Lumiere brothers in France, Louis and Auguste (often called "the founding ... printer and projecting capabilities in the same housing) was more profitable ... It has often been considered "the birth of film" or "the First Cinema" since the .... The earliest 'movie theatres' were converted ...

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1905. Harry Davis and John Harris opened their first movie theater, dubbing it a ... their first nickelodeon (theatre), a building that they called the Cascade Movie ...

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Jun 19, 2005 ... And other theaters had carried the name "nickelodeon," for a ... opening at the Pittsburgh Nickelodeon in 1905 -- a comedy called "The Baffled Burglar" ... The short films were just curiosities then, often called "chasers," since ...

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During the first couple of years in the 1900's, it was a time of great discovery ... approach to the flow of time in cinema were all becoming more apparent. ... very first time in the movie filmed in 1904 called Photographing of a Female ... Around the year 1905, an inexpensive way to view movies was created - the 5 cent movie  ...

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In today's world, not much, but in 1905, a nickel could purchase a one-pound loaf of bread, ... Theaters in that time, however, were called something entirely different: a ... The first day the Nickelodeon opened, 450 people watched movies.