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Easter Island is a Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeasternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle. Easter Island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called m...

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Find out more about the history of Easter Island, including videos, interesting articles, ... It was centered on a ceremonial village called Orongo, built on the rim of the ... with a weight of 13 tons, these enormous stone busts–known as moaiwere ...

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Using basalt stone picks, the Easter Island Moai were carved from the solidified ... They statues are all monolithic, the carvings are created in one piece, each ...

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Oct 16, 2012 ... The famed Easter Island heads are massive carvings that ring the island of ... The popular claim that the island's palm trees were felled to create devices to move the moai statues is probably incorrect. .... Built by the Huns?

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Did the Rapa Nui move the moai upright, like giant ... Van Tilburg has created a convincing scenario for the most ...

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Moai statues are massive megaliths at Easter Island, and these are what this island is famous for. The moais were built in approximately 1400 - 1650 A.D. by the ...

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They sit on rocky lava strewn about telling a story of fallen monuments of a long lost civilization who created them. The Moai were depictions of their ancestors.

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Thousands of massive stone monuments, known as Moai, preside over Easter Island. The way they were carved, using only stone tools, seems unfathomable.

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Nov 7, 2012 ... Specifically, how the Easter Island Statures… ... There are people out there who think the Moai were either built by aliens or for aliens. So how ...

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The islanders call them "moai," and they have puzzled ethnographers, ... who has studied the moai for many years, believes the statues may have been created in the ... Total number of maoi that were successfully transported to their final ahu ...

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Jun 24, 2012 ... Potbellies might help explain how the moai were moved. ... An illustration of ancient Easter Islanders ''walking'' a moai statue with ropes.

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Most scholars suspect that the moai were created to honor ancestors, chiefs, or other important personages, However, no written and little oral history exists on ...

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The stone heads of Easter Island have cast an almost magical spell on anyone ... Though it is assumed that the statues were created by the short-eared tribe, ...