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Hurricane Andrew was, at the time of its occurrence in August 1992, the most destructive .... About 25 minutes after its first Florida landfall, Andrew hit just northeast of .... On the west coast o...

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Dec 10, 1993 ... Satellite pictures and upper-air data indicate that Hurricane Andrew formed from a .... of convection can occur at landfall due to increased boundary-layer .... from the aircraft did not intersect the lowest pressure within the eye.

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Aug 24, 2012 ... Hurricane Andrew made the record books. It was the third strongest hurricane to hit the country in the 20th century, in company with the Florida ...

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The Atlantic ocean basin experienced a lull in tropical activity between 1991 and 1994. The 1992 season was no exception. In mid-August the first named storm ...

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Aug 24, 2014 ... Hurricane Andrew, the most fearsome storm to hit South Florida in ... you'll find it causes considerably more damage than it did here, " he said.

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Hurricane Andrew formed from a tropical wave near Africa, according to the University of Rhode Island. The storm grew to a ... When did Hurricane Andrew hit?

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Hurricane Andrew began as a tropical wave that crossed the west coast of Africa into the tropical North Atlantic on August 14, ... When did Hurricane Andrew hit?

When did Hurricane Andrew hit? | Reference.com


Hurricane Andrew occurred over a period of 12 days, from August 16, 1992 to August 28, 1992, and it was most destructive in South Florida. Louisiana and the  ...

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On this day in History, Hurricane Andrew pounds Bahamas on Aug 22, 1992. ... It was a Category 4 storm when it hit Eleutherea Island in the Bahamas, causing ...

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Andrew was the most powerful hurricane to hit South Florida in almost 30 years, and it ended up being the most costliest disaster in United States History.