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A cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae, a family comprising about 127 genera with .... Even those cacti without visible photosynthetic leaves do usually have very small leaves, less than...

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Most cacti have extensive, but shallow root systems that allow them to soak up any rainfall that may come their way. Specialized stems allow cacti to store water  ...

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Jul 23, 2006 ... Branches do not sprout until they're at least a half-century old. ... The pleated ribs of a saguaro expand like an accordion when water is available ... dioxide, so the hardy plants must store the carbon dioxide for the next day.

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Oct 8, 2007 ... The spines on a cactus help to protect it from humans and animals. Its roots are spread out to collect water when it does rain and it stores water ...

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Cactus take advantage of the lightest rainfall by having roots close to the soil surface. The water is quickly collected by the roots and stored in thick, expandable ...

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Jun 11, 2013 ... Animation describing how a cactus can store water. ... 9 Which plants can store water in the desert ... WHERE DO CAMELS STORE WATER ?

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So how do cacti that live in the desert survive by being deprived of water and ... The body of a cactus actually swells in times of moisture so that it can store the ...

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This process causes movement of water throughout the plant from the roots to the ... Cactus and other plants that store lots of water to help them through the dry ...

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May 15, 2006 ... ... cacti, aloes, and agaves, beat the dry heat by storing plenty of water ... For starters, when it does rain, succulents absorb a lot of water quickly.

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Each of these adaptations allow the plant to collect and store water more efficiently in an environment ... Cacti do not have leaves, but instead have a fixed spine.