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The list of cloud types is a summarisation of the modern system of cloud classification .... Isolated cirrus clouds do not bring rain; however, large amounts of cirrus clouds can indicate an approac...

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There are ten main cloud types, which are further divided into 27 sub-types according to their ... their characteristics, e.g. cirrus (a hair), cumulus (a heap), stratus (a layer) and nimbus (rain-bearing). ... Precipitation: May produce light showers.

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Clouds that produce rain and snow fall into this category. ("Nimbus" comes from the Latin word for "rain.") Two examples are the nimbostratus or cumulonimbus ...

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Altostratus clouds do not produce a halo phenomenon nor are the shadows of ... Altostratus, This is a dark gray cloud layer diffused by falling rain or snow.

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Stratus clouds most often appear dark and dense and will produce rain or snow. Don't be fooled though, stratus clouds can also appear as puffy white clumps ...

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These tallest of all clouds often produce violent storms of rain, thunder, lightning, hail, and high winds. Photograph by Gary Crabbe/Alamy. Clouds form when ...

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Mar 20, 2008 ... In fact, cumulus that rapidly develops and produces heavy rainfall often may ... Stratocumulus is the main type of cloud to produce drizzle.

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Cirrus - wispy, feathery tufts of clouds often characterized by curly wisps at the ... Any low altitude clouds that are dark, threatening rain or producing rain get the ...

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Southerly winds bring warm, moist air over cold ground or snow. Bullet Point ... Cirrostratus clouds usually come 12-24 hours before a rain or snow storm.

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Mar 1, 2013 ... Montse Costa, active researcher at Research Group of Environmental Physic ( University of Girona), talks about the rain clouds identification.

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Cumulonimbus (Cb): The cloud that produces showers and thunderstorms. The rain comes and goes with these clouds. Big Cb clouds have lumps that look like ...

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Nov 26, 2014 ... Did you know that different clouds are precursors to specific types of weather? ... developing thunderstorms, including lightning, hail, heavy rain and even ... In fact , stratus clouds can last for days and bring cool temperatures, ...

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The National Weather Service explains that nimbostratus clouds, which are thick and possess dense stratus, are responsible for steady rain. They are found ...