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In classical architecture, a metope (μετόπη) is a rectangular architectural element that fills the space between two triglyphs in a Doric frieze, which is a decorative band of alternating triglyphs and metopes above the architrave of a building of the Doric order. Metopes often had painted or sculptural decoration; the most famous ... The painting on most metopes has been lost, but sufficient traces remain to ...


Which Greek order has an entablature with a three-panel architrave and a decorated freize? ... Ionic is the most decorative of the three Greek orders. The other ...


Ionic is the most decorative of the three Greek orders. ... Which Greek order has an entablature with a three-panel architrave and a decorated freize? Ionic. Edit.


The entablature is commonly divided into the architrave, the frieze and the cornice. ... The Torus is a semi-circular convex molding, while the Scotia has a concave profile. ... The shaft sometimes decorated with fluting. ... The three ancient Greek orders have since been used in Western architecture, .... Fiberglass Wall Panels.


Architrave. A square beam that is the lowest of the three horizontal ... Recessed panels, square or polygonal, that ornament a vault, ceiling, or the underside ( soffit) of an arch. ... One of the five Classical orders; favored in late Roman architecture. ... The entablature has a plain architrave, a frieze composd of metopes and ...


Jun 9, 2016 ... Read on to learn about the three Orders of ancient Greek architecture, ... are primarily in the shapes of the columns and decoration of the frieze.


Jan 10, 2017 ... Achieve the Greek Revival look by designing with these elements of ... The entablature and columns make up what is known as the Classical Orders of Architecture. ... Each entablature traditionally has three main parts by definition:: ... Ionic column, architrave, and frieze on Temple of Saturnus, Roman ...


The Doric entablature has a plain architrave, a frieze with metopes and triglyphs, ... Ionic order has a base, a fluted shaft, and a capital decorated with volutes. The Ionic entablature consists of an architrave of three panels and moldings, a frieze ... An open space in a Greek town used as a central gathering place or market.


Oct 23, 2011 ... The most plain and simplest of the three Greek architectural orders. The Doric order is ... and below the roof. The entablature has three parts; the architrave, frieze, and pediment. ... A plain or decorated slab on a Doric frieze. It alternates with ... A three-grooved panel on a Doric frieze; it alternates with metop ...