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Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs (Prototheria) instead of giving birth to live young like .... The precise relationships between extinct groups of mammals and modern groups, such as monotremes, ...

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Mammals that lay eggs? There's the duck-billed platypus for a start...

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The mammals that lay eggs, or monotremes, are divided into two major groups, the duck-billed platypus and the echidnas. While there is only one species of ...

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The short-beaked echidna and the duck-billed platypus are the two mammals that lay eggs. The echidna ... What are the three groups of mammals? What two ...

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Monotremes. There are only three kinds: the platypus and the short-beaked echidna, both native to Australia, and the long-beaked echidna, native to ...

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Monotremes lay soft-shelled eggs. Once an egg hatches, the baby feeds on milk produced by its mother. Monotremes are one of the oldest groups of mammals ...

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The platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal native to Australia and Tasmania. ... Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young.

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Aug 16, 2012 ... One scientist suggests earliest mammals and reptiles laid eggs, though their ... while reptiles generally lay their membrane-swaddled progeny in eggs. ... of a pregnant female mesosaur, a group of the first aquatic reptiles.

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Jul 18, 2002 ... All mammals that lay eggs are placed in the group (Order) called Monotremata. The members of this Order (monotremes) are found only in ...

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Sep 20, 2014 ... ANSWER: Believe it or not, platypuses are not the only mammals that lay eggs. Mammals that lay eggs are called monotremes and include ...

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Mammals are creatures who give birth to their young ones as opposed to other animals who ... feature in the platypus is that although it is a mammal, it lays eggs ! ... like kangaroos, make up the most primitive group of living mammals on earth.

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Monotremes are not a very diverse group today, and there has not been much ... are very primitive for mammals because, like reptiles and birds, they lay eggs ...

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Mammals That Lay Eggs? This animal may have sharp spines, but it isn't a porcupine! It's one of two types of primitive egg-laying mammals, or monotremes.