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This stream in the redwoods together with its environment can be thought of as forming a river or lotic ecosystem. The ecosystem of a river is the river viewed as a system operating in its natural e...

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d. 50%. 24. Which rock type is associated with a high- energy environment (such as a very turbulent stream)? a. conglomerate. b. shale. c. chert. d. none of these.

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Mar 24, 2014 ... Which rock type is associated with a high-energy environment (such as a very turbulent stream)? conglomerate. which pair of minerals is most common in detrital sedimentary rocks? Clay and quartz. Compaction would ...

Sedimentary Rocks and Sedimentary Structures


The fragments may be composed of single minerals, such as clay grains, mica grains, quartz ... Most sedimentary rocks are derived by processes of weathering, ... that could be preserved in the sediment and thus give clues to the environment of deposition. ... High energy (high velocity) currents can carry larger fragments.

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Major Rock Types. ▫ Igneous rocks are ... There are two types of sedimentary rocks: Clastic and Chemical. ▫ .... The sediments that form shale are most likely deposited very gradually ... grains suggests that conglomerates form in high- energy ... in high energy environments such as steep-gradient streams, glacial flood.

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Apr 28, 2014 ... Composed Major Types of SandstoneMajor Types of Sandstone • Quartz ... LimestonesLimestones – Most abundant chemical rock. ... Sedimentary EnvironmentsSedimentary Environments • Use characteristics such asUse ..... Swamp • High EnergyHigh Energy • Low EnergyLow Energy STOP; 29.

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Most limestone has a biochemical origin. true. Which rock type is associated with high-energy environment(such as a very turbulent stream), conglomerate.

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Feb 22, 2015 ... Most of these sedimentary rocks that blanket much of the continents formed in the ... Biogenic sediments represent regional massive deposits associated with ... and most abundant rock types in the sediment source areas (Figure 9-7). ... of high relief, such as on alluvial fans, along mountain stream valleys, ...

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Many factors determine the kind of sedimentary rock .... the type of sediment becomes the key to the environ- ... carried to the sea in streams must ultimately cross the .... of sandstones described in this chapter, which is most commonly associated with such deep-sea ... ments predominate in this high-energy environment.

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B. Stream downcutting following a drop in sea level .... 23. Which rock type is associated with a high-energy environment (such as a very turbulent stream)? .... 44. ______ magma is the most abundant type erupted at oceanic spreading centers.

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If the rock formed in a turbulent stream then it would probably be called a ... Which rock type is associated with a high-energy environment such as a very ...

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May 19, 2015 ... ... rocks that flow easily. Most deformation occurs along plate boundaries because ______. .... Which rock type is associated with a high energy environment (such as a very turbulent stream)? conglomerate ... As a stream changes from its headwaters to its mouth, which of the following is not likely to occur?

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Three main types of rocks can be identified on the Earth's surface: igneous, ... In this model, the formation of minerals starts with two different chemical sequences at high .... It is caused by the quick release of potential energy through motion. .... One of the most obvious landforms created by streams are the channels they ...