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Should you use a dehumidifier in Winter?


Oct 6, 2011 ... Most people have and understanding about the use of a dehumidifier in the summer. But to use a dehumidifier in Winter, mow that's a different ...

dehumidifier fact sheet


If water leaks or seeps through basement walls, you should repair the walls or improve the drainage around ... recommended to run the dehumidifier at the continuous setting only during the initial startup to ... Cost of Operation Per Season.

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Nov 5, 2014 ... The ideal relative humidity inside the home is 30-60 percent, depending on the season. ... In winter, use of your heating system is likely to bring the humidity down to ... system should sufficiently dehumidify the air, but you could need a ... Use a dehumidifier to alleviate the problem, but you must also find the ...

Q & A on "what does a dehumidifier do?" and more, from our staff ...


Jul 4, 2004 ... Everything you wanted to know about dehumidifiers and dehumidification, from an industry expert. ... A) You can use a hygrometer to measure the humidity. It is like a ... Q) At what humidity level should I keep the room?

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Ideally, should I try to keep the inside of the house at some humidity level in relation to the outside temperature? And if so ... Which season? And why ... If you do use a dehumidifier, I would suggest setting it for 60% RH. If you ...

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For example, if you use your dehumidifier year round, you are more likely to encounter problems ...

Controlling Winter Humidity: When to use your HRV (ERV ...


Jan 27, 2014 ... (If your AC is running and the temperature is where it should be, but the air feels clammy, you might want to run a dehumidifier to assist the AC).

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Oct 25, 2009 ... My heating season runs from October through March, or around 180 days of the year. ... vs using your drier, then you should know that a dehumidifier will be ... If instead you use a dehumidifier, the heat already in your home is ...

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A dehumidifier uses a fan to draw moist room air over a series of coils - first a ... The ideal relative humidity level should be somewhere between 30% - 50%. ... Generally you want to use the highest capacity dehumidifier possible in your room ...

Anyone here run dehumidifiers in the basement, "just on principal ...


May 17, 2015 ... I was told by a friend that they ALWAYS run a dehumidifier in their ... If you still struggle with humidity over 60%, then you should run a dehumidifier. .... Usually not as much of a problem as the other three seasons though.

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Understanding and using dehumidifiers to dry out your home


So unless you prefer to use your basement mostly for growing mushrooms and designer mildew, there should be a dehumidifier in your future!

Questions About Dehumidifier Options and Uses In The Home


Should I run my dehumidifier all year long? It depends on the level of humidity control you need. If you live in a northern climate and have forced-air heat, you ...

Dehumidifying the basement (dehumidifier, furnace, hot water ...


I wanted to know if I needed to keep the dehumidifier going during the winter months in my basement. Was told I should run one in my ...