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How To Transport A Body Via Ground | Everplans


In some states, you may be able to transport the body yourself. ... How To Close Online Accounts When Someone Dies ... Most funeral homes will charge a fee for forwarding remains to another funeral home, and also a fee for receiving ...

How To Transport A Body Via Airplane | Everplans


If the body will be air-shipped either from one state to another or from one country to another, the funeral ... How To Close Online Accounts When Someone Dies.

What to do when a loved one dies away from home | us-funerals.com


Jul 20, 2016 ... A guide about shipping a deceased person back to their own city, state ... It can cost up to $10,000 to internationally ship human remains, and ...

Death in One State, Burial in Another - Funeral Consumers Alliance


In fact, if all observances can be saved for the state of final disposition, the ... Even if the person you are helping is not a memorial society member, look up the phone ... filing permits and the death certificate, and transportation to the cemetery; ...

Transporting the Deceased After Death - Funeralwise.com


Your guide to how a person is transported upon death, how human remains are ... service providers can arrange transportation between cities for the deceased, ...

How to Transport a Deceased Loved One - What to Know


What You Need to Know About Transporting a Deceased Loved One ... This will be an emotionally trying process, taking place during a time of stress. To help ...

Transporting a Body across State Lines - Funeral Planning


At my wife's death, is there any reason I cannot transport her remains from California to Iowa? ... Can they be transported by private automobile or trailer?

Transporting a Body to Another Country - Funeral Planning


I do not know of any airline that will ship an unembalmed body. ... the body: death certificate, embalming report, passport, burial permit, and a letter from the ... difficult to ship casketed remains if you get some assistance from someone who has ...

Moving a Body from One State to Another After Death - LawRefs


Typically, a body will need to be embalmed before it can be transported across ... issued under the law of another state that accompanies a dead body or dead ...

Body Transportation After Death: Why Does It Cost So Much?


Oct 30, 2016 ... The costs of transporting a body after death can be steep. ... of a dead human body, upon the express order of the person lawfully entitled to the ...