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Newton Leroy Gingrich is an American politician and author from Georgia who served as the ..... Time magazine named Gingrich its 1995 "Man of the Year" for his role in the election. .... The full committee panel did not agree whether tax law had been violated and left that issue up to the IRS. In 1999, the IRS cleared the ...


Nov 19, 2011 ... Newt Gingrich has been in the public eye for decades. ... Morning Edition · All Things Considered · Fresh Air · Here & Now · 1A · Code Switch · Embedded · Latino USA · NPR Politics Podcast .... He did not come into this world as Newt Gingrich. ... adopted by his stepfather and took the last name of Gingrich.


Dec 12, 2011 ... Newt Gingrich's policy statements, campaign speeches, press ... And in a strategy switch, Mitt Romney dispatched surrogates to ... “What Republicans ought to do is say to people who create jobs, how many years does the tax code need to be extended for you to ... His full name: Newton Leroy Gingrich.


He was born Newton McPherson, but his parents divorced and his mother remarried a man named Gingrich, who adopted him. Since Newt was only three years old ...


Dec 2, 2016 ... With his "Contract with America," former Speaker of the House Newt ... Newt took his Gingrich as his last name and has three younger ... and became a Southern Baptist, though decades later he would switch to Catholicism.


His stunning exit came only hours after longtime friend Rep. ... "Newt Gingrich's resignation as speaker was the aftershock from last Tuesday's ... to kick around anymore," said one White House adviser who did not want to be named. ... Walker soon learned that the script had changed: "He just laughed," Walker said, "and ...


Jul 14, 2016 ... Who is Newt Gingrich, and why do people get so worked up about him? Here's your primer. ... The man, Robert Gingrich, adopted young Newt and gave him his last name. The new and ..... Newt actually did change America ...


Jul 14, 2016 ... That said, the fact that Newt Gingrich made it to the final round of Celebrity White House ... there's no incentive for the American people to change leadership. ... To remove this obstacle, Mr. Gingrich did everything in his power to dismantle ..... Get 10 issues a year and save 65% off the cover price. Name


At age 15, he visits the battle site and says later this changed his life. Decides to ... Newt takes the family to Europe for "research" and writes, but does not finish, ...


Dec 22, 2011 ... Gingrich's painful childhood was scarred by his mother's ... of interviews with family members to trace the former speaker's path, including his ... Kit took a job cleaning houses and fell for a big, brawling man named Newt McPherson. .... door and confronting her: “Why did my father take my name from me?