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In archaeology, the classic Maya collapse is the decline of Classic Maya civilization and the ... Although termed a collapse, it did not mark the end of the Maya civilization but rather a shift away from the Southern Lowlands as a power center; ...


Oct 5, 2016 ... The growth of the great Mayan civilization is as much a mystery as its ... What is certain is that the Mayans didn't disappear in the aftermath of ...


The growth of the great Mayan civilization is as much a mystery as its .... Drought would have hit cities like Tikal–where rainwater was necessary for drinking as ...


Aug 23, 2012 ... A severe drought, exacerbated by widespread logging, appears to have triggered the mysterious Mayan demise.


Oct 6, 2009 ... "They did it to themselves," says veteran archeologist Tom Sever. ... is needed to completely explain the mechanisms of Mayan decline.


What made them leave? And where did they go? iStockphoto. Some experts think the Maya were victims of a natural disaster – perhaps a massive earthquake  ...


Aug 22, 2012 ... The disintegration of the ancient Mayan empire has been attributed to ... much the switch from forest to crops, such as corn, would alter climate.


Feb 22, 2016 ... El Castillo at the Mayan ruins at Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico ... Because, while most Maya cities declined as the climate dried, not all did.


Climate Change. It's also possible the Mayans' slash-and-burn method of farming exacerbated the problem of drought. Deforestation would have increased the ...