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Why do rabbits keep turning their big sound-collecting ears


They are listening all around. The animal is listening to the sounds around itself and other rabbits around the warren. The animals need to keep moving their ...

Rabbit Body Language


but you can certainly understand why rabbits do what they do. ... As it turns out, what all rabbits want more than anything is respect and affection, and ... Lop- eared rabbits will move their ears in a manner consistent with what uppy eared rabbits ...

Rabbit and Bunny Behavior: Find out about rabbit behaviour and ...

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Rabbit Behavior. Rabbits ... Both ears up with inside of ear facing forward - friendly, happy bunny. Inside of ears turned outward - getting annoyed. One ear ... Moves away from you flicking its back feet - you have causes annoyance. Flopped ...

Rabbit Advocates Rabbit Behavior


Rabbits organize their warrens according to a specific hierarchy that ... the second rabbit will generally commence to licking the dominant's forehead and ears. ... Rabbits do like to climb on furniture and will sometimes greet you from the back of ... the rabbit will let you know by hopping away from you and turning sideways.

Rabbit Language Feedback - Cramptonarts


The "being angry in the cage" behavior is normal behavior when rabbits are locked up. ... in their eye and ear position (back) [see also digging, noise, throwing things]. ... Be loving and gentle and keep you hands away from the front end. ... Eventually start picking bunny up and if you do this enough bunny will get used to ...

14 Reasons Your Bunny Might Be Sick | PetHelpful


Feb 23, 2016 ... Any bunny rabbit owner will instantly know when there is something wrong with their pet. ... Anybody who does have a bunny rabbit/s needs to be aware of the various ... Excess shaking of rabbits head; Constant scratching of ears; Hair loss .... Giving them a fresh supply of hay each day should keep them in ...

How to Speak Rabbit | HRRN


Their ears are both expressive and inquisitive. ... or to show their disapproval if they do not want to be handled – means “leave me alone” ... Your rabbit is dashing about the room, kicking up her heels and making 180-degree turns in mid-air.

Rabbit behaviour | Understand why your bunny does that | Best 4 ...


Bunnies can learn little tricks to test your patience, like refusing to go in their bedroom area at ... to or go in areas they know are out of bounds the minute your back is turned. ... in different directions, (something all rabbits should have the space to do!) ... Keep placing soiled hay/droppings into the tray and in no time at all...

Why Does My Rabbit - San Diego House Rabbit Society


Some even declaw their rabbit, a debilitating surgery that can cause ... But, be sure to figure out a different way to keep him busy and entertained. .... still basically designed to respond quickly to all the information coming through their ears, nose, ..... appliance turning on or a lit cigarette when they are not used to the smoke.

How Rabbits Hear: the long and short of bunny ears


Sep 9, 2015 ... Rabbits may even “waggle” their ears at a favourite human to encourage the ... Rabbits do not tolerate heat very well, so keeping an eye on the ...

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Rabbit body language - Bunnyhugga


Jun 9, 2010 ... Sitting like a ball with legs tucked in or front toes just showing, ears at rest or half ... Rabbits can sleep with their eyes open but some rabbits may twitch their ... usually thinking about what to do next and is often a prelude to grooming. ... Turning its back on you or moving away, flicking hind feet out behind it

Offended Rabbits - The Language of Lagomorphs


To some extent, a rabbit's body position and the direction its ears are facing are ... What They Do: Rabbit turns its back to you, lies down, and folds its ears all the ...

Amazing facts about rabbits | OneKind


In the wild, rabbits have plenty to keep them occupied, from foraging to ... Although typically very quiet, rabbits do communicate vocally, with varying types of ... Rabbits stand upright on their hind legs to give themselves a better vantage point to ...