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At least 170 dog breeds have naturally occurring bob tail lines. ... so active dogs with docked tails might be at a disadvantage compared to their tailed peers. ... Critics point out that kennel clu...

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I stopped docking in 1999 and I have owned only Rottweilers with natural tails for ... A Rottweiler does not hold it's tail in a stiff position sticking straight out from the ... Would it be logical to argue that all dogs breeds should be docked to protect ...

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A docked Rottweiler does not conform to the FCI breed standard. ... The AVMA has revised their position statement on tail docking and ear cropping several ...

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Some breeds, like boxers, dobermans and rottweilers, have had docked tails for so long, people just consider it normal. However, there is no good reason to do ...

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Hardrada Rottweilers on Tail Docking ... Tall Tail: Have you ever wondered why Rotties have docked tails? Although ... This left the Rotties prone to infections and injuries as cattle and other livestock trod on their tails. ... purposes can only do so in puppies that are less than 4 days of age and ONLY tail bands may be used.

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Feb 3, 2007 ... I would hate to have to do that to a creature that I would love so much. .... you can teach a dog not to chase their tail, its cruel to cut off the dogs ...
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Aug 1, 2013 ... took all the 3 day old rottweiler puppies to the vet to get their tails docked.. they wernt to happy.

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Do you have a good idea of your best friend? Open your eyes and ... puppies with their tails still intact have much greater options open to them. Not only can a ... A puppy with a docked tail is much more limited in his options. For this reason ...

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It's called docking and it's part of the breed standard. Traditionally, a lot of working breed and sporting breed dogs have their tails docked.

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Q: Why Do Rottweilers Have Their Tails Clipped?
A: Its called Docking the tail......Rottys are supposed to be attack dogs, they have been for years.... Is a wagging tail very intimidating??? No so they dock them... Read More »
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Q: Why do people clip Rottweiler's tails?
A: Originally Rotties were clipped because their tails tended to break and get infected a lot during hunting season. ! Read More »
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Q: Why do people clip rottweilers tails?
A: Most dogs with docked tails do work hunting, herding or draft work. They clip ta... Read More »
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Q: Why do Rottweilers have short tails?
A: It's called docking, not cropping, and, no, Rottie tails are NOT docked so they won't "get caught on things. It is supposedly (supposedly i.e. someone needed an... Read More »
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Q: Why do some dogs have their tails clipped?
A: Tail Docking: The reasons given by some supporters, are to avoid tail damage; Reasons of hygiene and to maintain breed standards. Read More »
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