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Dogs are often attracted to hard surfaces such as metal, and begin a habit of licking these surfaces. Dogs may be drawn to metal surfaces in particular because ...

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Why Does My Dog Lick Registers? ... Sometimes pica presents as an urge to lick metal or stone objects, and can be traced to some sort of mineral deficiency.

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Dogs lick metal for a bunch of different reasons, but typically dogs do not lick things because they are curious, they sniff ... Why is my cat licking metal objects?

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Lots of dogs lick floors, walls, concrete, metal, etc. ... If it really does seem excessive to you, your vet or a veterinary behaviorist may be able to help ... Sleeping while holding a particular toy or object in the mouth is less common but I am pretty ...

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For awhile, my dog has been obsessively licking metal objects/areas (floor vent, handle on a cabinet) and recently chewed a bracelet to ...

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Jan 30, 2014 ... Because of this, some dogs subconsciously try to cure the deficiencies by licking various inanimate objects around them. So make sure that ...

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Curious? Low on iron/minerals? I don't know. Ask your vet. I doubt it's good for them; whether it's harmful probably depends on the lead or heavy metal content ...

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Apr 1, 2008 ... A dog's constant, repetitive licking of objects or surfaces is a ... surfaces in the environment and do not cover excessive self-licking, such as that ...

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Dogs with OCD, canines with obsessive compulsive behaviors, canine OCD. ... Dogs are prone to a number of OCD behaviors, including tailchasing, licking .... dogs are happy to eat objects that humans consider inappropriate, dogs with pica do .... However he also apparently SELF STIMULATES by waving his metal food  ...

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My dog licked a metal object & got tongue stuck. She pulled, yelped, red on end, licking, what can I do for relief? I'm sorry your puppy is in distress. You'll want to ...