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Wolf spider


Wolf spiders are members of the family Lycosidae, from the Ancient Greek word " λύκος" meaning "wolf". They are robust and agile hunters with excellent ...

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Approximately 200 known species belong to the Family Lycosidae in the U.S. and Canada. These wolf spiders are particularly abundant in prairie areas but can ...

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Dec 24, 2014 ... The name “wolf spider” encompasses a large family of spiders, most of which are large, dark-colored and athletic. Unlike most spiders that ...

Wolf Spider - First Aid, Identification and Treatment


Wolf spider bites first aid, identification and treatment. You also need to know how to avoid and kill wolf spiders.

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Wolf spiders have eight legs, all attached to the cephalothorax. On the front of the cephalothorax are the mouth, the fangs, the eyes, and two small "mini-legs" ...

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Learn to identify wolf spider bites as well as the proper removal of wolf spiders from your home. Get information on wolf spider control and extermination.

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Like the brethren within its order (called Araneae), the wolf spider has two body segments: a fused head and thorax and an unsegmented abdomen.

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Wolf spiders are among the largest spiders in Nebraska. They are common outdoors, and only accidentally find their way indoors by wandering into houses and ...

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The genus Hogna contains numerous species and includes some of the biggest wolf spiders in our area. Two notable species, H. carolinensis and H. aspersa ...

Wolf Spiders


Contains information about wolf spiders. Information includes photos, habitat, and description.

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Wolf Spider - skin lesions, parental care, bites and glooming eyes


Although the average pain from wolf spider bites lasts 10 minutes only, these creatures are exciting animals. Females carry their offspring with them, and their  ...

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Featured are the brown recluse, black widow, hobo spider, wolf spider, white-tail spider, black house spider, huntsman and other spiders with notes to aid in ...

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A wolf spider doesn't spin webs to catch its prey — it runs it down like a wolf! Spiders in this family have long legs and are usually gray, brown, black, or tan with ...