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It is grown for its edible fruit, also known as a watermelon, which is a special kind of berry botanically called a pepo. The fruit has a smooth hard rind, usually ...

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A vine (Citrullus lanatus) native to Africa, widely cultivated for its large edible fruit. 2. The fruit of this plant, having a hard green rind and sweet watery pink or ...

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Apr 20, 2014 ... Xigua Fruit nutrition facts and health benefits. Regular exercise can help protect you from heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, ...

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Apr 28, 2014 ... Okay, definitely cheating here, I admit. Xigua is Chinese for watermelon. Pronounced She-Gwah, the rind is darker (almost black) in the photo ...

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Xigua (pronounced “she gwah”) is a common melon found in Africa. It has a hard rind that can be yellowish to green and has a soft fleshy inside that is pink and ...

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"Xigua" is the Mandarin Chinese name for a watermelon. The term "xigua" is commonly used for a ... What is a fruit or vegetable that starts with the letter "X?" ...

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Kids enjoy the book because it describes many exotic fruits (like xigua, jicama and even the ugli fruit) which may not be so common. Parents enjoy the book ...

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An edible fruit that looks similar to a watermelon, only shorter in size.The word xigua is Chinese.

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Jun 17, 2013 ... Xigua Niu Nai (Taiwanese Watermelon Milk Juice) and Xigua Zhi ... the seeds after cutting the fruit into chunks (to avoid getting yucky seeds in ...

English translation of 西瓜 ( xigua / xīguā ) - watermelon in Chinese


Chinese-English dictionary: 西瓜 ( xigua / xīguā ) (English translation: " watermelon") as Chinese character including stroke order, Pinyin phonetic script,  ...

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Q: Can anyone tell me wat a xigua fruit is?
A: Xigua (ci-gua) is the chinese name for watermelon, both red and yellow. Yellow watermelon are juicier than the regular red, but not always sweeter. Red watermel... Read More »
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Q: What type of fruit do the Chinese call xigua?
A: i found out that it was a watermelon. Read More »
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Q: Can you tell me 6 facts about the Xigua fruit or the Ximenia frui...
A: The Ximenia fruit is found in Africa. The tree is 20 ft tall with shiny leaves and thorny branches. The fruit is quite small,about one and a half inches long an... Read More »
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Q: What type of fruit do the chinese call xigua?
A: I think it's watermelon. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
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May 4, 2011 ... American's refer to Xigua as watermelon. We eat it often and in abundance especially in the summertime. Why the fruit's name was changed is ...