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Smiley Faces for Yahoo Messenger - ALT Codes / Alt Key Codes


Emoticon, Key Combination, Description. happy, :), happy. sad, :(, sad. winking, ;) , winking. big grin, :D, big grin. batting eyelashes, ;;), batting eyelashes. big hug ...

Emoticons & Smileys | Yahoo - muller-godschalk.com


Emoticons and Smilieys are also used by all Yahoo users. This page provides you with a full overview of yahoo emoticons and smileys.

yahoo smileys emoticons | Emoticoner.com


full set of yahoo emoticons. ... batting eyelashes yahoo.

Yahoo messenger 11 new hiden emoticons 2011-2012 - How to do?


Mar 7, 2016 ... Download and install yahoo messenger 11 newest emoticons, smileys and see codes.

Full List of Yahoo! Smileys or Emoticons for Yahoo Messenger ...


Tweet | See more about Emoticon, Smileys and Facebook.

Find Yahoo! smileys to make your online chats something unique ...


Find Yahoo! smileys and more free emoticons at emoticons.funwebproducts.com. Over 10000 free Yahoo! Messenger Smileys you won't find anywhere else.

Hidden Emoticons (Emotions) or Smileys in Yahoo! Messenger ...


Mar 14, 2007 ... Can't get enough of Yahoo! Messenger emotions, also commonly as emoticons or smileys? If you don't know yet, Yahoo Messenger actually ...

How to use the hidden emoticons in Yahoo! Messenger - Features


Nov 7, 2012 ... Like most instant messenger apps, you can use emoticons in Yahoo! Messenger. Clicking the smiley face in the messenger window opens up a ...

New Yahoo Emoticons with version 11 - Gomotes


Aug 28, 2011 ... List of new Yahoo emoticons with codes from version 11.

How to Insert Graphical Smileys in Yahoo! Mail Messages


Do you like to use emoticons (like : ) or ,-)) in your emails? Learn how to express your emotions graphically with Yahoo! Mail.

Emoticons are text pictures used to express emotion, especially in e-mail and online chat. Some popular emoticons are :) or :-) (smiley) :( (sad) :D (laughing) ;) (winking). Some say emoticons were first created in 1982 .
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Yahoo Messenger Emoticons and Hidden Emoticons Smileys


Aug 26, 2008 ... That are all of Yahoo Messenger Emoticons. Its include Hidden Emoticons. Some of the emoticons may be can't be shown at Lower Version of ...

All 96 Yahoo smileys and how to post them


Pages on everything from Adult smileys for Yahoo! to tutorials on various programming languages.

Yahoo Hidden Emoticons | The secret smileys/emoticons hidden in ...


All you ever wanted to know about the hidden emoticons in Yahoo Messenger! See all the smileys and get the secret codes needed to use them in chats.