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When the wind or current is pushing your boat away from the dock the procedure is simple. 1. Cast off lines and pull in fenders as the wind blows you away. 2.

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Docking with wind toward the dock. Approach slowly, parallel to the dock. Let the wind or current carry your boat to the dock. Shift into gear briefly if you need to ...

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Animation: Docking With Wind or Current Toward the Dock. How should you approach the dock? ← The wind/current direction is toward the dock. ←. boat. start.

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If the wind or current will be pushing you toward the dock, a shallow angle will ... Start with a 30- to 45-degree angle as you learn what works best for your boat. ... a boat length, swing the wheel over hard to starboard (away from the dock). ... As the boat glides toward being parallel with the dock, swing the wheel all the way ...

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If there is no wind or current, turn your boat slowly as you approach the dock at a ... If the wind or current is pushing the boat away from the dock (offshore wind), ...

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We can't cover everything about boat docking in one sitting, but. I think you'll ... discharge current from the propeller to amplify the effect of the rudder, ... Part way through the maneuver, by which time the boat i ... This jet of water also pushes you away from the dock, and very soon you're .... which, at best, I find ...

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Cast off lines and pull in fenders as the wind blows you away. 2. ... If the wind or current is pushing your boat toward the dock you will have to do some ... Once you are clear of the dock, stow lines and fenders so they will not be in the way or pose ... side of the turn; if this causes an internal contradiction, then make your best ...

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Aug 11, 2014 ... You can let us know how we did, and share your own docking tips, ... Never approach a dock faster than you want to hit it. That gem is one of the best pieces of boating advice ever given. ... Since your boat will react the same way when it's put in reverse every time, ... How to Dock: Using Wind and Current

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If you don't like being embarrassed with a crowd looking on, the best way to ... Then use your engine controls to swing the stern in flush to the dock. ... All the while here you are going to be well away from the dock, but close .... you're going to pivot the boat into the dock by pushing into, and rotating off the piling as i...

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May 31, 2016 ... The good news is that the idea that docking a single engine boat is difficult is simply wrong. ... being pushed that way by the propeller—on the stern, pushing the water ... even with a slight wind off your beam pushing you away from the dock, ... Now that you can dock your single screw boat like a double, you ...