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When operating a powerboat at night, the port side(left side)should display a red light. ... at night Which color light must show on the port left side of this boat?


A green light starboard side of bow, a red light port side of bow, and a white ... A powerboat is operating at night Which color light must show on the left side of ...


All vessels on the water must show Green Starboard. ... A RED light on the PORT or Left side and a GREEN light on the Right or Starboad side.


Everything you need to know about boat navigation at night, includes ... You are the give-way craft and must yield right-of-way to the sailing vessel. ... and a white light are visible, then another craft is approaching you from the port (left) side. ... A simple way to decipher powerboat navigation lights is to remember: If you see a ...


Powerboat A's options for overtaking powerboat B at night when seeing a white light: on. Powerboat A: When only a white light is visible, you may be overtaking another vessel. ... Powerboat A: When only white and red lights are visible, you are approaching the port side of a powerboat. ... The left hand side of a vessel.


Operating at night (or in reduced visibility) can present some special ... lights not only have a certain arc through which they can be seen but must ... The arc of the lights and color allows you to determine the direction a vessel is ... Port Side 112.5 ... Vessels of less than 12 meters (39'4") in length, may show the lights in either.


Remember, power-driven vessels include sailboats operating under engine power. ... be visible from a distance of at least two miles away on a dark, clear night. ... Red should be on the port (left side) of the bow and green on the starboard ...


Generally, a sailing vessel is privileged in relation to a power boat. ... operating at a rate of speed and proximity to another vessel so that the other operator is ... Two short blasts will show intention to direct course of vessel to own port (left). .... colors, numbers and lights to show which side of the buoy a boater should pass on ...


A red light is always on the port side of a boat. ... So if you see green from an oncoming boat, you know it's on your left and you ... A red-white-red vertical sequence on a masthead means the boat has divers and you should ... Night Fishing.