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An airbag is a type of vehicle safety device and is an occupant restraint system. The airbag ..... In May 1998 Toyota began offering a side curtain airbag deploying from the roof on the Progrés...


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on crash severity related to the change in vehicle speed or deceleration over time . ... thresholds for air bag deployment during a collision are not easily obtained; ...

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An airbag fully deploys at a speed of about 60 to 186 miles an hour upon impact. ... Airbag Deployment Car Speed · Airbag Deployment Threshold Speed ...

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There may be circumstances when an air bag does not deploy. Some possible ...

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If the passenger air bag had not deployed in those low speed ..... deployment thresholds downward, i.e., cause air bags to be deployed at lower speeds than are.

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To name only one example, properly worn seat belts and deploying air bags .... appears severely damaged in an accident, an ETD / air bag deployment threshold ... Furthermore, the vehicle speed at the start of the collision and the injuries.

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Airbags. These devices have dramatically reduced the highway death toll. Select another topic. General statistics · Airbags · Alcohol-impaired driving ...

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belts, airbags, and other safety equipment in newer Honda and Acura vehicles. ... most crash injuries is a rapid decrease in speed when an occupant .... and arms out of the deployment path of the front airbag .... the upper or lower threshold,.

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airbag(s) did not deploy in the crash where it was expected (by the vehicle ... the faster the required inflation speed of the bag ('faster deployed') and the higher the ... the airbag did not deploy but the ΔV reached a specified threshold (Figure 2).

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Deployment thresholds take into account a variety of desired deployment and ... hits a stationary object, the airbags could inflate at a different crash speed than if  ...

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Mar 16, 2009 ... This article describes how air bag deployment thresholds are established, ... Between these two speeds, the air bags may or may not deploy, ...

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Jul 20, 2007 ... 30 km/h is the speed when the airbag deploys for every car in north america, as far as I know... I would hate it if my airbag gets deployed if i hit a ...

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In this dataset, advanced driver air bags were observed to deploy with a 50% .... In the majority of cases, vehicle speed greatly exceeds longitudinal delta-V. ... up after it senses a predetermined acceleration threshold has been exceeded.